Why the Decrapitation Society? It has to do with Strength.

I am a first born Italian American who first saw the  light of life during the Great Depression and have had the privilege of observing patterns of social change over four generations. America has undergone steamrolling, radical changes so much so that it is steadily weakening with no end in sight. Why is this so? It is because we as a people are weakening. As wise old Plato warned, a country is only as strong as its people or, as he put it, a country is a macrocosm of the microcosm of the people.

There are many causes for this decline but a huge one is that Americans have been exposed to heaps of media, educational and other overwhelming crap fueled in every walk of life by special interests coupled with rapidly changing cultural values brought about by modern technology. Unfortunately, there is no magic sweeping remedy to turn things around. But we have to begin somewhere or else the determination of your punishment for smoking marijuana will soon be made by the World Court or you will be sentenced to two years of hard labor if you use foul language in the public square hurting someone’s feelings because that person has a right not to have hurt feelings. Don’t laugh for we are on our way.

Now to the mission of the Decrapitation Society: It is to wield, step by step, with its heavy decrapinista and other decrapinista shovels to expose and remove the pervasive crap on a broad range of issues from sex to politics to education that are weakening us, particularly our youth, and send these messages of truth to potential, energetic decrapinista leaders who can carry the ball forward and begin to bring about a reversal of this change.

As you have probably concluded, I’ve been around for a long time and have encountered innumerable crap events but I would like to point out two of them that impacted me the most. In 1972 my first book, Drug Discovery: The Pending Crisis, was published. In the book I wrote, “Our present system of drug discovery is almost designed not to cure the great diseases that confront us. There is no doubt that many will be cured in the distant future, but it’s unfortunate that many must wait.” History has proved me right. Ask yourself, When was the last cure?” Stumped?

My message on how to speed up the discovery of medical breakthroughs should be self-evident but it’s not. In order to discover a new medical therapy such as insulin for the treatment of diabetes or Ritalin for hyperkinetic children, you must test them in a clinical study on diabetic or ADHD patients. The same holds true for all potential new therapies. So what have we done over the past 50 years? We have, because of obsessional safety concerns born from the consumerism, erected formidable barriers to conduct such clinical studies. As a result, significantly fewer medical breakthrough therapies have and continue not to be clinically tested. That’s why people today are now suffering when they shouldn’t and dying before they should.

There is little doubt that, though they don’t know it, traditional media have been the great anti-patient force. They have concentrated on spreading stories about scientific studies that hold the promise of curing cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s- you name it- rarely addressing the reasons why the promises go unfulfilled. What has had a larger negative impact is their obsession on covering stories about the bad events that inevitably happen in clinical studies. As a result most Americans view clinical research from a toxicity viewpoint and are kept totally in the dark about its critical importance in medical discovery.

In order to get around our culture of fear, I proposed that medical doctors alone should step to the plate and be permitted to volunteer for clinical research studies taking a greater risk than non-doctors. If so, more potential medical therapies would be tested and discovered. I called them doctornauts and proposed the Doctornaut Act. This would lead to a Cure Care national health policy instead of our one-side failed Health Care approach. Both actual and potential patients don’t want health care after they are sick but, instead, cure care which prevents or gets rid of their diseases. Unfortunately, all kinds of crappy reasoning and policies blocked my effort to change the system, though I’m still trying.

This year, 2012, our national health care policy is under fire. The national media coverage behind the government’s push to make oral contraceptive freely available at Catholic institutions, would you believe, is far, far and far greater than the entire coverage of my Cure Care effort. Would you also believe that Congress has never held a hearing on ways to generally speed up medical discovery? This year, I personally attempted to persuade a few influential congressmen, good men, to somehow insert the Doctornaut Act into some type of legislation, without success. There’s just too much crap out there and too few shovels. (For more information on the Doctornaut Act and Cure Care story visit www.fimdefelice.org).

Just this morning I was sipping my cappuccino at the local coffee shop when I ran across one of the regulars. With saddened eyes he told me his wife just underwent an operation for a brain glioblastoma, a tumor you don’t want to have. He said with optimistic eyes what many patients with diverse diseases are told and oftentimes true- that there are lots of exciting potential treatments in the research pipeline. What he wasn’t told, like all others as well, that the road to the doctor’s weaponry and the bedside of the patient is a very rocky and slow one.

What really ticked me off and convinced me to form the Decrapitation Society happened about a year ago after the publication of my book, The Attack on the White Male and the Weakening of America. The message is simple and clear. There’s a correlation among the attack on the white male (which I discuss), the loss of his historic values and the weakening of America. Examples of these characteristics are:  be independent, don’t complain, take care of your family and don’t create problems for your parents, be patriotic, keep your word, respect the elderly, don’t lie unless it’s a white lie, work hard, don’t squeal or snitch, mind your own business and try not to take handouts and so on and so forth. In the book I also give advice to all readers about the nature of politics, morality, sex and the meaning of life. I also praise those behind the highly successful black and female movements. And finally, I call for the white guys to get their act together and bring back these values to their former place in American culture. It’s a pro-American book.

Since I am quite alarmed how rapidly we are losing our strength both as individuals and as a nation, I dug into my savings and hired a public relations firm to promote the book. After all I am very comfortable with media having been on Good Morning America, Today and Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee shows among many others and felt confident that I could effectively deliver the message. And then came, out of the blue, the big surprise: A mighty wave of crap hit the fan.  No media outlet would touch me with a ten foot pole because the two words “white male” were in the title. They are not only considered politically incorrect but threatening to the careers of the media people themselves because of the anticipated backlash.  Only two  radio programs agreed to interview me. One hostess started the interview with this question, “How could a distinguished physician such as you write a racist and misogynist book?” She had not read the book and made the judgment based only on its title! Media people were terrified- and I mean terrified- to interview me because of potential repercussions. Some even suggested that, if I remove the two words and republish the book, they might grant me an interview.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back, and for this reason I decided to establish the Decrapitation Society and assume the role of Il Decrapinista.

Also, there will be lengthy discussions here because it’s difficult to decrapitate in short commentaries and to expose the truth for potential decrapinista leaders so they can understand and spread the message.

So my friends, I invite you to join the Decrapitation Society and ready your decrapinista shovels to rid ourselves of the increasing and pervasive crap that is weakening both individual Americans and our country. Let us hear from you.



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  1. I enjoyed reading your reasons for the Decrapitation Society and look forward to your future posts. I agree that the change in values over the past four generations has not been a positive one. In my parents and grandparents’ generations there was hardly any divorce. I just heard on the Today Show that 1/2 of all marriages end in divorce and this weekend there will be the first huge Divorce Workshop in New York City with everything from financial advisors to make-up and hair stylists and advice on sex appeal. I am a divorced single mom and wonder how my 20 year old son’s generation will handle any marriage commitments or is marriage a dying institution. I hope your articles will be a wake up call for many and that sex will not burn too many houses down, but rather warm them up! It certainly destroyed a famous golfer’s home – which relates to your entertaining article about the power of the orgasm.