Clinical Research in the News: April 17, 2012

Over the upcoming weeks and months, one of our goals is to help our readers understand the benefits of clinical research and why it’s essential to finding cures to diseases, and the current legal and regulatory climate that makes it difficult for scientists and doctors to perform this research. Clinical research is always complex and the issues involved are sometimes difficult to understand, but everyone knows someone who is dealing with an illness, or is personally dealing with an illness themselves, so this is an essential topic to discuss.

We’ll have more clinical research news several times a week, with additional commentaries and efforts to try to get at the root of why clinical research isn’t understood or appreciated.

One Response to “Clinical Research in the News: April 17, 2012”

  1. 1. Current both basic, pharmaceutics and clinical research in the direction of developing drugs are conducted by the ideals of killing cancer cells. The chemotherapy drugs used in clinical trials demonstrated that these drugs are no benefit on cure patient’s diseases, but exhibited significant adverse effects on harming patient’s healthy. It implies about all of other new drugs designed based on the theroy on killing the cultured cancer cells in vitro, are not suitable for clinic trials on patients.
    FDA have proved these drugs without care about the facts of the unflavored outcomes from clinic trials; which demonstrated that these chemotherapy drugs kill patients while kill cancer cells. These facts of patient’s death caused more and more law sues for complaining about the malpractice in clinical trials.
    FDA’s rules should be built on proposes of preventing the malpractice on harm patients in clinic trials. Research and Pharmaceutics should able develop medications based on proposes to cure diseases but not worse patients’ health.
    Current drugs can only kill cancer cells in cultured condition are definitely unsuitable for clinic trial in patient first. If pharmaceutics urgently pursue the profit from these drugs without able proving whether drug is safety for patient’s health, they should verified the drug safety in the phase I trials of administrating those drugs to the researchers and pharmaceutical drug designers. Culture tumor cells undergo cell death caused by drug can not present the drug’s effects from affect the nature cells growth in vivo. In addition, inappropriate culture cell condition also can caused cultured cell death if the technician does not know how could culture the cell keeping alive. Thus drug able induce cell death in cultured unable fully present whether the drug able specific kill this type of cells in cultured. it only imply that drug might able kill all kinds of cells including whole human body, it is poison.
    FDA should require the research proves from the outcome of comparing regarding to whether drugs killing the cultured cancer cells (which is called as tumor cell line) faster? or kill the cultured primary cells which isolated from adult cells healthy human donations faster?
    Only if the drug can kill the specific tumor cells but have no any adverse effects from the normal adult human primary cells; this kind of drugs might be qualified considerable about for clinical trials. If the drugs demonstrate that they can kill normal cells faster than kill the tumor cell line. It indicates the drug is harmful to patients than cancer cells.
    To test and prove about whether the drug would be benefit for cure diseases, should not be difficult from the experiments in comparing about how drugs can affect tumor cells with normal primary adult human cells. However, I cannot find research reports about how these research professors can success culture the primary adult cells on exhibiting the normal cytophysiological functions. How could we trust about their biology results? Whether the only fraud about the research advertisements for huge profit sales on the poison to patients?
    When those drug producers unable prove whether drug are poison to human life or benefit to human health, the most of sample way is let these pharmaceutical developer professors and clinical trial doctors to prove the drug safety from trial the drug in themselves body first, to convince people that drugs might capable used as the medications for cure patients or poison for kill patients. Otherwise, if doctors are afraid from the drugs toxic poison, but pursuing on deceiving patient volunteers in clinical trials with the high risk on harm patients. I believe this behavior is intended on plan of murder for money. So the law sues on clinical malpractices should be encouraged.