Around the World in Three Days

Where to begin? My first stop was China and then on to South America, Korea, Switzerland, France and back to the USA all within a morning! So many cultures communicating in different languages about the promise of the multitude of food products and ingredients at last week’s Vitafoods Europe conference in Geneva.

The audience for Dr. DeFelice’s keynote address listened with interest as he presented an animated overview of the past, present and future of the nutraceutical industry. By the end of the day he received invitations to visit Singapore, India and Paris beyond the confines of the exhibition center. We also connected with dear old friends from Italy and France who have been following Dr. DeFelice’s nutraceutical journey for almost 30 years.

What struck me was the energy and enthusiasm for all of the healthy ingredients and products on display. Dr. DeFelice reminded me that very few of these items had solid clinical research supporting their health claims and that his NREA still offers an incentive and solution for that problem. There are so many conflicting reports that the public is confused, but truly wants to believe in the benefits claimed.

I hope to see more research ongoing in the future. As for me, I was happy to leave the Lonza booth with a complimentary L-Carnitine health bar to give me some extra energy to complete my travels!

Here are a few pictures from our trip!:

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  1. Great picture and, most of all, great memories.
    It takes common memories to share the present !
    Your co-speaker