Not in the Mood? It Could be Just a Headache, PMS or You May Have FSD!

In Monday’s New York Times Health Section, Abby Ellin wrote an article, More Women Look Over the Counter for a Libido Fix, that caught my eye, or perhaps my libido. At first I thought it might be tied into the Shades of Grey erotic trilogy, but I was wrong!

I learned that the DSM-V, the new edition of the psychiatric diagnostic manual due in 2013, will include an official diagnosis of FSD or female sexual dysfunction tied into interest/arousal disorders.  I also learned that “an often cited statistic, from a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1999 states that 43 % of women ages 18 to 59 experience some form of sexual dysfunction, including lack of desire, arousal or orgasm; or pain during intercourse.”

I respectfully agree that such problems exist, but again would suggest that perhaps some of those issues relate to one’s partner. The article continues to describe the booming unregulated industry devoted to enhancing sex for women. One company is introducing 24 new products which include nipple masks, nipple spray, and “anti-aging and cellular renewal cream” for the vagina, clitoris, nipples and skin around the inner thighs.” To me, this is pretty scary stuff!

Are romance and chemistry dead? Since I have been writing about Nora Ephron recently, I couldn’t help but wonder what how she would comment.

Any ideas?

P.S. Remember, Nora’s 6 word memoir – “Secret to Success, Marry an Italian!” Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

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  1. And to answer your hypothetical question, I think if Romeo and Juliet were around today and they changed their Facebook profiles to indicate they were in a relationship, there would have been a war of words between the two families in the comments section. It probably would have made a much worse play!