The Vagina Whisperer by Endorfina

“Yoni” is the ancient Hindu Sansrit word for vagina.

I have always loved the verb “to whisper”, especially when spoken in French and Italian. The word in French is “chuchoter” (shoe-show- tay) and in Italian “susurrare” (sue-sue- rar-a). Both pronunciations truly are sexy whispers in themselves.

The modern use of the word whisperer, however, does not necessarily involve whispering. It first appeared as a general therapeutic method in the movie The Horse Whisperer, directed by and starring Robert Redford. He plays a talented trainer with a remarkable gift for understanding horses. He is hired to help both an injured teenager and her horse back to physical and mental health after a tragic accident. He communicates with them softly and slowly and the ending is a happy one. It was a heartwarming story and a big box office success. It placed the word whisperer on the global radar screen.

The connotation of a therapeutic healing whisperer continued with National Geographic Wild’s popular reality television series featuring trainer Cesar Millan’s work with troubled dogs. He was dubbed the Dog Whisperer and was highly praised for his efforts in helping man’s best friend. By the way, a woman’s best friend is usually a cat. The cat pet population for women has now exceeded the dog one for man!

Last month I heard the term the Vagina Whisperer for the first time and was highly intrigued. What is a Vagina Whisperer? Katie Couric interviewed Ellen Dolgen, a prominent woman’s health and wellness advocate. Her husband nicknamed her The Vagina Whisperer because of the therapeutic advice she gives to women from her blog and her website. She is the weekly host of Menopause Mondays where she combines interactive humor on a variety of sexual topics, hence her nickname. She created an entertaining video, “A Singing Uterus Explains Perimenopause and Menopause” to educate women about symptoms and solutions for dealing with menopause.

This humorous video reminded me a bit of Bette Midler belting out her ballad about Otto Titslinger and the invention of the brassiere in her movie Beaches. Visit my Mammary Memoir post to enjoy her performance!

The idea of a woman as a Vagina Whisperer seemed a bit strange to me. My personal take on this term was to imagine a sexy man whispering seductively to me. I would prefer to have a “mature” Sean Connery, my favorite James Bond, as my vagina whisperer.

The Urban Dictionary’s definition is 1) a person able to talk themselves into any girl’s pants and 2) a lesbian. The female host on the Candy Diaries website pulled no punches declaring “No matter if it’s a look, a touch or a kiss your vagina instantly responds. He’s a Vagina Whisperer. He’s one of those very few men that can talk your vag off a ledge!”

Lady Gaga has another take on the word. She proclaimed herself a vagina whisperer because she listens to the musings of her own vagina for her creative attire and musical inspiration. In an interview with Howard Stern she explained “Whatever my vagina whispers to me, I say: “Yes, inspiration! It doesn’t come all the time.”

In his fascinating chapter about the ancient Hindu practice of tantric sex, G describes the sensual ritual between the yoni (vagina) and the lingam (penis).

I also discovered term Penis Whisperer during my whisper research. Definitions range from a seductive female lover, a male homosexual or a men’s health educator. Read what Lorenzo and G have written about women in this provocative category “Can a Woman Learn to Be a Lover? What Does G Have to Say?”


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