Archive | March, 2012

Why the Decrapitation Society? It has to do with Strength.

I am a first born Italian American who first saw the  light of life during the Great Depression and have had the privilege of observing patterns of social change over four generations. America has undergone steamrolling, radical changes so much so that it is steadily weakening with no end in sight. Why is this so? […]

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Carnitine for the treatment of Hyperthyroidism and obesity

This topic was originally presented at Hahnemann Medical College on November 1, 2002. Hyperthyroidism In 1965, I was training to become a clinical pharmacologist, a specialist in conducting clinical studies, at St. Vincent’s Hospital and Medical Center in New York City.  One day, my colleague and physician friend, Sheldon Gilgore who later became President of […]

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Right and Wrong vs. Where to Draw the Line

Many have tried to characterize our current era with various labels. I would propose, “The Era of Rapidly Changing Lines”. Never before have social and legal lines been modified at such a rapid rate. For example, the line is shifting dramatically for freer sex as well as increasing government regulations, which have the opposite effect […]

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