Think Twice If You Get a Tie for Father’s Day!

The front page of yesterday’s New York Post featured a scantily clad model holding a rope under the headline “Knotty Secrets.” The inside article described the latest craze of women shopping for soft ropes at hardware stores and silver ties inspired by the erotic games played in the bestseller Fifty Shades of Grey.  My guess is that the gift of a tie this Father’s Day may take on a whole new meaning!

I picked up the first book of the trilogy as I was rushing to catch a plane to Geneva for the Vitafood conference. The saleswoman was sure I would want a bag for this naughty book!  I had read somewhere that many women are secretly reading it on their tablets so the book cover is not displayed. As a matter of fact, I was a bit embarrassed when a particularly loud passenger on the plane exclaimed “Oh, you are reading THAT book – so is the woman in the second row! She is upset because she is up to page 80 and nothing has happened yet!”

I finished the book in two days and found myself anxious to get back to the U.S. to buy the next two books in the trilogy. I lent the first book to a girlfriend who read it in six hours! When talking to other friends, I learned most of them had already read it. Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed reading about the roller coaster relationship of the couple outside of their red playroom more than the graphic sex they share.

I will not be shopping for ties for anyone this Father’s Day, but I am fascinated by the amazing response to this trilogy. Kinky product sales are up 30% and tie sales are up 23%! The Post also reported that there are Fifty Shades classes and workshops in N.Y. that are selling out. Even Brooks Brothers is promoting an “Eight Shades of Grey” tie collection! I am now reading the last book and am hoping for a happy ending! (No pun intended.)

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