Sex , NYC Politics and Two Little Girls

Though New York City is not a typical American one, the 2013 race for mayor and other political positions sends a powerful message of the rapidly changing sexual and social values of America.

In the race for mayor there is Bill de Blasio who was born Warren Wihelm, petitioned a court to change his name to Warren de Blasio- Wilhelm and later changed it to his current name. He married a black woman who was a previous lesbian. He has been endorsed by President Obama. Another candidate, Christine Quinn, is a lesbian who married a lesbian and yet another is Anthony Weiner who famously sexted his genitals to women under the cartoon name, Carlos Danger

And then there was the race for comptroller by Eliot Spitzer, the former Governor of New York, who was forced to resign because of his escapades with hookers with his socks on.

(It’s interesting to note that all are Democrats).

A colleague recently told me about a New Jersey mother who, for some reason, decided to tell her 5 year- old daughter about the birds and the bees of life. She urged her not to marry young and also to find a good husband like her father. The daughter’s mouth dropped in wonderment, and she, obviously very anxious, asked, “But mom, if I marry a lesbian then I’ll have to live outside of New Jersey.” (Homosexual marriage is not yet legal in New Jersey).

The other day, while sipping coffee at my coffee shop, I overheard a conversation between a mother and her more or less 7 year-old daughter. The daughter asked, “Mommy, when can I start freezing my eggs?”

What’s the connection between these politicos and the daughters? It’s, of course, sex and social values. Not too long ago it was inconceivable that the aforementioned political candidates in New York would run for office anywhere, including New York. And even if homosexual marriage and egg freezing were available in the past, it is inconceivable that a 5 or 7 year- old daughter would ask those questions. As an aside, I wonder where these very young children got their sex information.

A challenging exercise would be to ask yourself where you can find the absence of the sex- factor in any aspect of our daily lives.  The deregulation of the BGL marches on.

There is an old saying, “From the cradle to the grave” which reflects the extent of our current sexual omnipresence. But I prefer that of Lenin, the father of the Soviet Union, who said that, under Communism, the government would take care of all matters of its citizenry, “From erection to resurrection.”

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