A Brief Summary of DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law or BGL: From the Garden of Eden to Modern America

Many of my posts are somehow related to DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law or BGL  (www.thedecrapitationsociety.com). The doctor is quite on target. He claims that, like with gravity and chemistry, there must be a Sex Law which explains the nature of sexual behavior. He describes, in evolutionary terms, that in order to propagate the race and produce offspring, the brain has created a multitude of difficult to resist, sexually stimulatory mechanisms to encourage copulation between a man and women. In doing so, however, the BGL has not yet become target-specific to the copulation between a man and woman only but broadly nondiscriminatory  leading to all types of sexual expression from cross- dressing to homosexuality to snuff movies and, now, to sexting ones genitals and rear ends. He claims these expressions are all natural, amoral acts and should be understood as such by our society.

But then he stresses that all societies, civilized or not, have primarily encouraged heterosexual acts through the institution of marriage significantly limiting other modes of sexual expressions by legal or cultural regulations. He claims that there is a critical message to such limitations which we are ignoring in our sexual liberation movement by too rapidly deregulating sexual behavior and ignoring the warning lessons of history.

His conclusion? We must deregulate the BGL at a much slower rate in order to more wisely accommodate and more wisely regulate it. If not, individual and cultural chaos will follow, and the government will step in to heavily limit its free expression. He claims it is inevitable.

Interesting stuff, indeed. Give it a read.

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