G’s Sexual Encounters with Women and their Fetor Soma

I’m not sure how the subject came up, but not too long ago G and I had a conversation about fetor soma, sex and his experiences with women. Fetor soma is a Roman term for body odor such as halitosis, farting, armpits, sweating and vaginal odors, among others.  With respect to sex, little is written on this subject perhaps due to the fact that Americans have diminished nature’s fragrances and replaced them a broad array of artificial, smell- masking substances ranging from mouth washes to soap and baths to showers and shampoos to perfumes and douches.

We wondered that since natural body odors were and remain prevalent around the world and still in some parts of America, what kind of role they play in generally attracting a man to be with a woman from just being with her to  copulating- and vice versa. In our Casanova book we mention Napoleon and his wife, Josephine, but the general subject was not explored in depth. After Napoleon won a battle, he sent a soldier on a speedy horse back to Paris with the message, “Chere Josephine, I’m coming home. Do not bathe!”

Since clinical studies on this subject are few and far between and not at all definitive, once more I asked G, with his extensive experience with women, whether he met enough of them with fetor soma to offer an opinion.

Surprisingly, he did have affairs with a number of them, thought about them and was willing to discuss what impact it had on their sexual get togethers. As usual, I asked G to free-flow in his descriptions, and I would only interrupt occasionally for points of clarification.

“Lorenzo, about 9 out of 10 modern American women would find the general subject of body odor repugnant, and nothing will change that. The marketing guys have convinced them that it’s a bad thing and something to banish from their lives. So we may never truly know what impact that fetor soma has on the sexual impact between a man and a woman.

“Now this may turn of lots of women off, but I love body odor with, of course, its limitations. Saying this, I’m sure that many of you have just expressed an, ‘Ugh.’ Anyway, regarding my fetor soma experiences with women they, in alphabetical order, are armpits, unwashed hair- notice, I didn’t say ‘dirty’, and vaginas. More than a few decades ago there was a brief period of time women took it upon themselves not to shave under their arms in an attempt to return to their natural biological state. Some could not completely surrender their underarm deodorants,  but I had encounters with more than a few who did. Regarding the latter, I hope I’m not getting too clinical, there were two  phases-  pre and post sweating. In the pre mainly foreplay phase while we were holding each other, the olfactory hit was, in all women, different than the sweating phase when the action was intense. Now it’s tough to believe and maybe my brain is playing tricks with my memory, but the fragrances were different in most women in most phases.  This includes the odor of going from pre to post sweating in an individual woman. Lorenzo, I’m not an expert on describing the categories of smell but unlike many artificial fragrances which usually fade away as the action proceeds, the armpits ones increase. And they did add to my turn- on. To be sure it took a couple of minutes to adapt to the smell, but, boy, was it worth it!

“I said ‘dirty’ hair but maybe the right term is ‘unwashed’ hair. My experiences with these women happened about the same time as with the armpit ones. I remember being with three women with very unwashed hair, and they were all in France; two in Paris and one in Marseilles.  It’s tough to explain but though there is a subtle odor, it, in itself, was nothing much to speak about. But when you combine it with pressing your face against the rough texture of their hair, the moment was quite pleasurable but not very memorable.”

G, without explanation, suddenly stopped and remained silent. I could hear the sound of his respirations more than usual along with the puffing of his pipe. That was a signal that the man was in deep thought. I remained silent and waited it out.

“Lorenzo, now we’re dealing with the big Kahuna: The complicated vagina. In the Casanova book I devote an entire chapter to muff –diving and also in a previous post, which, to me, is one of the greatest arts of love making. There’s more to it than the generally used term, ’cunnilingus’. I would estimate that I performed the act in well over half of the 300 women that I’ve been with and know something about what goes on down there. Remember, I‘ve been with women of multiple races and cultures with different biological and mental properties. Though sex experts will understandably disagree, the only thing I can rely on is my experience. The fetor soma of the vagina varies in type and degree beyond imagination! It can be beautifully enticing and, sorry to say, repugnant as hell. And, like the armpit, at rest it can be both pleasant and enticing but when the action starts it can changed to the unpleasant. And then there’s the other huge factor which complicates both muff- diving and straight sex. It’s vaginal secretions. I could write a small book on vaginal fetor soma, vaginal secretions and how to handle the multiple challenges to a man to bring a woman to climax under these conditions.

“Lorenzo, I’m going to limit my observations to a few key ones. If, whether at the beginning or when vaginal secretions become heavy, the odor in not bearable, back off from muff-diving but do it in a subtle way. Many women already know about the unpleasant odor which makes them sensitive and held back. Not infrequently, for a number of reasons, having secretions that frequently come along with unpleasant vaginal fetor soma makes the pecker feels like it’s in a large vagina lacking the tightness that it seeks. When this happens I always decide that this is a woman’s night and concentrate on her to bring her to climax using some of the moves described in a previous post along with general ones like fantasy talk and the others. Of course, the woman can then satisfy you by extravaginal techniques such as oral and manual sex. Don’t forget, no matter what you read or hear today, a woman-even a modern one- is a ‘giver’ and will, pardon the pun, rise to the occasion particularly with a selfless lover.

“G, you’re talking like there’s nothing sexually attractive with vaginal fetor soma. You’re contradicting yourself. You claim that muff-diving is perhaps the greatest of arts but vaginal smell and secretions are downers which raises the question of why you muff-dive.”

“Mamma mia! Further from the truth! I am like a fruit fly when it comes to sniffing captivating vaginal fragrances. In a cruel experiment that ethicists should have blocked, it was shown that when male fruit flies are exposed to the sexual stimulating substances of the female but denied the privilege of mating with them, their normal life span is shortened by almost 50%!

“The vast majority of women had very subtle pleasant vaginal fragrances that sometimes changed, but not much, with activity and increased vaginal secretions.  Once more, I can’t characterize the multiple, pleasant odors of the vagina but I would say they were a mainly combination of sweet-acrid or something close to it. I didn’t detect any artificial fragrances that they would add after showers or baths.

“Lorenzo, that’s about it.”

“G, what about men’s fetor soma impact on women? Did you talk about that with your lady friends?”

“You are getting senile, my friend. If I asked a lady that question, she would assume that I believed that she bedded with lots of men. How else would she have an opinion?”

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