The Surge of Dabbling- Trisexuality

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After the sexual revolution was in full swing, G and I agreed that there would be  an increase in bisexuality in both sexes activity for it is a natural drive in the brain whose expression has been  limited by restrictive social values. Wise old Aristotle once observed that even in the brain of the wisest of men, there’s small area of foolishness. We believe that even in the area of the most heterosexual man and woman there’s a small area – not that it’s foolish – of bisexuality. We also believe that we’re confusing homosexuality with bisexuality and that the latter is increasing.  We readily admit that there are no solid studies to confirm the increasing prevalence of bisexuality and are basing our judgments on historic patterns and our personal experiences gleaned from over the years before many of you had seen the light of life.

We, however, do believe that heterosexual men are much more resistant to bisexual encounters than heterosexual women but, due to the sexual revolution and diminishing social restrictions, the prevalence is increasing. I decided to ask G whether he discussed the subject of bisexuality during his encounters with 300 women.

Though he didn’t much discuss this subject in our Casanova book, he did have discussions of sexual flexibility with a number of them. It’s important to note that this happened  before the sexual revolution was in full swing.

“Lorenzo, you must remember that this was a delicate subject to bring up in our day but there was an intriguing consistency among the ladies. I want to emphasize that I never broached the subject in a heavy discussion for it would have destroyed the positive mood and beauty of being with them.  I, just as a point of curiosity and after we were relaxed, sometimes asked them if they ever thought of having a sexual rendezvous with a woman. I did not ask them whether they actually did it. Wow, was I surprised. The majority of them confessed that  they thought about it,  so this came from  a definite BGL zone in the brain.

“G, weren’t you curious enough to find out how many actually took the plunge?”

“Are you kidding? I’m not a sociologist and, to repeat, it would have destroyed a beautiful moment. But here’s something that I discovered in my recent encounters and get-togethers with men, women and couples in the mountains and Manhattan which is broadening my views. My god, both men and women are now wide open about discussing their sexual propensities- unheard of even during our heyday. To my knowledge, none was a more or less  pure homosexual- but who knows? When I was alone with only the women , a healthy percentage, without hesitation, said that even though men were their unequivocal preference, they are increasingly thinking and comfortable with being with a woman. Not too long ago I had three attractive divorced women in their thirties in my mountain cabin for my homemade pasta, and, would you believe, all had three children. They all got on a pleasant high after which I brought up the subject of bisexuality and how they  would handle it. All had and were increasingly thinking about it but none had actually done it. All had bad experiences with men and more than one exclaimed, “I should become a lesbian!” I’ve heard this seemingly non-sexual but frustrated, purging language from a number of women over the past decade. To me, this is not just a symbolic statement of frustration and anger but represents something fermenting in their brains. I’m told that women’s magazines do often discuss this option as an alternative life style.

“Lorenzo, here’s something else which has me thinking as we’re talking. I would estimate that well over 50% of men, women and couples had no problems expressing their willingness to have a ménage a trois, not in the sense of having a deep three-way relationship, but just once in a while. I’m now searching my memory bank regarding my past lady friends when I brought up the subject. A handful preferred a relationship with a woman but, like modern day folks, the majority only in a ménage a trois scenario.

“Now that I’m thinking about it, guess what?”

G didn’t not wait for my answer for he seemed excited as Isaac Newton when an apple allegedly fell from an apple tree and hit him on the head which made his brain discover the Universal Law of Gravity.

“Whether it was with my lady friends in the past or men, women and couples either in the mountains or Manhattan and a few other places, with only  a few exceptions, practically all preferred a ménage a trois with one man and two women. They were really emphatic about that. I thought that women would have much preferred two men. Though a few women did prefer that, not one man did. They would have no part of that scene. But, to repeat, none wanted an intimate long term three-way relationship but only as a periodic experience of fantasy pleasure.

Then, I started searching my own memory bank and told G that I, too, in a much more limited basis, have met with, men, women and couples who I try to help with the general adversities of life. Many of them expressed feelings that life’s problems are increasingly difficult. Maybe the past author, Joseph Conrad, got it right when he wrote, “You are born, you suffer and you die.”  The majority openly told me that they have planned to have light  ménage a trois encounters as if it were nothing more than seeing a Broadway play.  And, as with G’s experience,  it’s mostly a one- man, two- women scenario and not two- men- one- woman one which, frankly , puzzles me. I do warn them that it’s fertile territory for the birth of jealousy and lots of problems that go along with it. I often quote Rudyard Kipling to reinforce this warning. “ Make sure you know what size animal you are before you enter the jungle.”

Unlike in medicine, physics and mathematics, it’s difficult to objectively categorize human behavior particularly when it involves sex. We believe that the surge of three –party sex relationships is a unique category, and we agreed to give it the name of  Dabbling- Trisexuality.

(Before closing, there are those who deny the existence of male bisexuality. The evidence for this is weak. Let’s just say that G and I independently know a few classic bisexual men).

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