Sex in Sochi – Condom Mania!

ImageBy Endorfina

The day before the Olympic Opening Ceremonies there was an online headline that really caught my attention.  The International Olympic Committee distributed 100,000 condoms to the athletes in preparation for the games.  They estimated that was an average of 36 condoms per athlete.  All I could think of was, WOW, let the games begin!

Is this an Olympic tradition or just random Russian roulette? I wonder if they were worried about the numbers of bouncing baby athletes that might be born around the world next Thanksgiving time.  Nine months after Hurricane Sandy hit, knocking out power for days, a record number of babies were born on the East Coast. Many were even christened Sandy! 

Perhaps Sochi will be the next “in” baby name if sex is such a popular sport there to warrant complimentary condoms. Sochi would work for either a boy or a girl, but there would be no secret about the geography of conception. I know a nice girl named Paris, for that reason and I am sure there are interesting others. 

Here is what I would like to know.  Which athletes will use the most condoms, and what country will top the list? Would Italy, France and Russia follow in the footsteps of their lady-loving leaders – Berlusconi, Hollande and Putin? Who would inspire Team USA? I doubt there will be an answer to these questions, but it would be a fun follow-up.

Apparently a huge supply of condoms for the athletes has been part of the Olympic Games since Sydney in 2000.  Their initial supply of 70,000 lasted just a week!

I wrote a previous column about “What’s Your Number?” I wish someone would ask the athletes that question when the games are over.  Just do the math – 36 condoms – over how many days?  Let’s see who would get the gold, the silver and the bronze for that competition from the abstainers to the biggest users!







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