The Book: The Man Who Made Love to More Women Than Casanova

G and I have received more than a few requests to talk more about the book. In our conversations we frequently refer to it throughout all our blogs without mentioning its content. We decided to publish the table of contents but, much to our surprise, Endorfina beat us to it in a previous post (Cupid Bragina by Endorfina).  So, instead, we decided to post the reviews that are mentioned on the book jacket. Here goes:

“Hold on to your skirts, Ladies. It’s going to be a bumpy ride that will knock your panties off! I can understand why women read this book in 48 hours!”  After Dark Show with Ande Lyons 

“’G’, the anonymous hyper-sexual subject of Lorenzo Baccalà’s steamy and generally compelling book…Though readers may sigh on occasion over G’s oversized Id and his obvious womanizing, they’re just as likely to pull up a velvet seat and hear more.”  -Blueink                                                

“Baccalà writes well and the story flows easily. It is little tidbits that excite more discussion…Chapters are short and can easily be read by one partner to another as a form of foreplay which tremendously increases the utility of the book.”  -Foreword Clarion

“A quick, lighthearted skip through one man’s sexual conquests … full of reflections unclouded by political correctness or incredulity… the book explores everything from the finer points of oral sex … to differences among Asian women.” -Kirkus Indie

“When you read the title you might think this is a tell-all about a man who thought he was the best lover, and although the man knew his limits, he also understood the interaction. The book is written as a series of interviews or conversations between two old friends, the author and G. Whether it is actually a true story or not doesn’t really effect the story. G explains to his friend, who is quite skeptical at first all the adventures of his life. He has learned what is pleasing to a man and a woman, and how to achieve maximum pleasure. As you read the book, each chapter talks about a different act or circumstance and how it worked best and what made it memorable and enlightening. If anything, it could be used as a manual by men and women alike to understand the other better and learn to pleasure each other a little more than looking out for themselves. There are a number of topics, some which might not appeal to some readers, but overall I felt it was more of a book meant to make people think about how they approach sexual interactions, and maybe, just maybe change a little of that thinking to make it all that much better.” -Michelle Randall

There are also a number of reviews on by men and women who have read the book. If any of you do read the book we’d like to hear from you by posting your opinions- yes, we can handle negative ones- on Amazon.

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