Dabbling: An Interesting Update


In a previous post we discussed what G and I believe is becoming an increasingly common sexual movement, Dabbling. It’s when two women and a man or the other way around periodically, but not at all that often, have sexual encounters with an agreement that such events are only meant for sexual play, fantasy fulfillment and gratification. What’s interesting is that it’s with the same trio for an extended period where the threesome is comfortable with each other. I know of one dabbling trio where the lady only looks on and masturbates while her male and female companions make dominating love scenes. It’s also mutually understood that it’s not for any serious long term relationship among the three which we, for the record, find hard to believe that it can happen without problem creating emotional involvement. It comes in many human forms involving married, divorced and single men and women in a variety of mixtures. It’s not a classic ménage a trois pattern where the threesome get together is not that permanent, and the parties often change.

I decided to do some additional homework on dabbling and mini-interviewed three people who I know and who are very knowledgeable and experienced with the current sexual goings-on. One is a wealthy attractive divorcee in her late 40’s; the other is a lady manager in her late 30’s with an inviting smile and the third, a very successful businessman in his early 50’s who, like G, loves just being with women of all types in a variety of situations .

The wealthy woman has a group of wealthy, divorced women in her circle of friends. She told me that the subject of dabbling –trisexuality is oftentimes raised at their social gatherings but no one has yet openly admitted to partaking of it. She, however, has her strong suspicions that a few of them already have dabbled. The vivacious lady manager told me that she knows two women who each are in the early phases of dabbling with a married couple have but would not speak of the details. Also, she would not speak of herself, which might have been a dabbling affirmation in itself.

The businessman came up with perhaps a more concrete possibility of the potential breadth of national dabbling-trisexuality. After he read my previous blog, he called one of his close friends who belongs to a Swingers Club regarding whether dabbling –trisexuality had landed at his club.  The friend said that it may be catching on. He knows of a couple of male members who have found two women who feel sexually comfortable with each other and have begun a potential long term dabbling. They haven’t been seen at the club during the last month.

He told me that the Swingers Club is only a couple of miles from my home, and I should pay it a visit. Frankly speaking, I was tempted for it’s a world that I don’t know and which I should. I called G, explained the situation and asked him whether I should go. “Lorenzo, I hate to say this, my friend. You will, by far, probably be the oldest male there and an object of curiosity, particularly by the women, rather than a potential sex partner. You may end up feeling like a horse’s ass. Maybe I could swing it, but I ain’t about to try.”

I was kind of pissed- off at what he said and was about to tell him about the daughter or niece of the famous opera composer, Richard Wagner, and one of the greatest orchestral conductors of all time and equally lover of women, Arturo Toscanini. She, 50 years his junior, had very hot potatoes for this Italian lothario and pursued him everywhere.

But there’s something that piqued my curiosity. A bisexual man posted on his blog that women who are not emotionally into threesomes are, nevertheless, joining dabbling groups in order to get a man. They do it by mostly faking orgasms!

FYI, one night, after my evening martini, I was curious enough to venture to that club. But the insurmountable problem is that my bedtime hour comes about the time the swingers begin to “communicate.”

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