G Describes High-Level Sex and a Night In Wonderful Copenhagen


During our conversations, G often mentions what he calls high- level sex. He did address it in the book but not enough for my satisfaction. Last autumn he invited me to his mountaintop cabin to behold the wondrous colors of foliage. We walked-hiked, mostly in silence, in the mountain forest for hours listening to the crackling leaves and singing birds. We saw deer, wild turkey and even a black bear. I thought to myself, “If only every day could be as beautiful.”

Instead of venturing out for dinner, we decided to dine in the cabin. G elected to make his haute cuisine spinach and other “secret” ingredients with pasta dish along with a side dish of tomatoes, cucumbers and onions with his “secret” salad dressing. The wine was Fiano di Avellino, an inexpensive Italian white with lots of character. In the background was the sound of the late and great Italian tenor, Giuseppe DiStefano, singing Neapolitan folk songs. (Just for the record, a number of years ago DiStefano personally invited me to the 50th anniversary of his La Scala debut in Milan. If any of you are opera fans, I can sense your justifiable envy)!

Everything clicked. The food, wine and singing made for a special hit. But something was missing after the trek in the forest and the wonderful dinner. Can you guess? Those of you who thought, “sex”, hit it on the nose! But, alas, the only lasses close by were in the animal kingdom, and that was not an option!

After dinner, G placed kindling and logs in the Franklin wood burning stove and set a flame to them. Sitting close to the soothing fire we sipped on our cognacs and, as usual, G lit his pipe. I then asked, “G, what do you mean by high-level sex? Give me a little more detail than we discussed in the past.”

G, as he often does, looked toward the ceiling and remained silent for a few moments. “Lorenzo, it’s extremely difficult to define for there are all kinds of scenes in which this can happen. I told you before that words were made to communicate and not to define things. For example, if you were to ask me what is love, I nor anyone else, would be able to define it. Now I’m talking about my own experience which is extensive but not at all definitive because I haven’t been witness to the billons of all kinds of sex acts in as many bedrooms and where men and women are happy as a pig in shit after their orgasms.

“If I had to define the general nature of my type of high-level sex, it’s when a man and woman powerfully connect both on a mental and physical level. To me, even taking away the orgasm part, being connected to a woman that way is one of life’s greatest gifts to have experienced.  One partner or the other must consciously or intuitively lead. That’s essential. The process must be slow – and I mean slow- but subtly crescendo-like where deep feelings of connection continue to increase. Now Lorenzo, don’t ask me to define “feelings!” Generally speaking, the best place for this to begin to happen is at dinner with good food and enough drinks to help open the door of openness.The second best place is at a bar with the right atmosphere having a couple of drinks. “

“G, before I forget, did you ever have sex that was not high-level?”

“Sure many times.”

“Did you enjoy those encounters, and can you give me an example?”

G burst out into laughter. “Sure. It’s a quickie. I would rate some of my greatest orgasmic moments as quickies. But it’s not as simple as one would believe- at least not for me.  Now you may think I’m neurotic, and maybe you’re right, but I could not enjoy a quickie unless I knew that the woman enjoyed delivering the goods. And many do. It’s in their giving nature.”

There was a pause in our conversation as we sipped on our cognacs and watch the flickering flames. G then continued. “Now here’s the paradox: The leader must primarily concentrate on pleasing the partner. It’s not a pure quid pro quo or “if- you- give- I- return situation. That act, in itself, is a high-level, metaphysical pleasure.

“Let tell you of one of my greatest nights with a sensual seductress redhead while I was in Copenhagen which I describe in detail in the book. After we met, one thing after another led her to invite me to dinner at her home.”

His description of the encounter night was too long for a post, so I chose a couple of excerpts from the book.

 Regarding her cooking outfit, “She was bare-assed naked except for a mini-apron that covered the front part of her body from just below her belly button to a good six inches above her knees. Her rear end was  open to view- it was almost a perfect one-and it would stay that way for the rest of the night. I had never come across an opening scene like this before, and I liked it a lot. Now and then I visualize this temptress, and I miss her.

“Now, it’s tough to explain, but just spending hours with this gal and watching her walking around in her outfit  from the refrigerator to the stove to sitting beside me, where I could catch different views of her body, was probably the most sensuous experience of my life. I believed she faked dropping a napkin on the carpet and bent down with her rear end facing me to pick it up. And it took a longer-than-usual time to retrieve it. My erection seemed eternal that night.”

Then G added, “Because of the spectacular seduction performance, I gave it my best in the sack.”

Frankly speaking, I was puzzled by that last remark. Why, with his eternal erection, which she willingly provoked, didn’t he go for it first and have himself a surely spectacular orgasm? So I asked him.

“Lorenzo, this would have made it a low-level, selfish encounter which would have robbed both of us of a beautiful high- level experience. Remember, always think of the partner first, and I always make sure it’s the woman. I read that she was on fire, and if I had my happy moment first, I would have run out of gas and not have enough energy or will to satisfy her. And believe it or not, I wanted to postpone my moment not even knowing what was coming, if anything, until I satisfied her. And I did-big time.”

“G, what about you? Nada?”

“Are you crazy? With a class woman like that? She knew that I considered her heated state of mind and, using domination whispers and light, careful nipple- nibbles, I made the selfless effort to make her happy. I’ll take that back. They weren’t selfless for I immensely enjoyed giving her pleasure. We then relaxed, drank some port and made light conversation still, believe it or not, having my eternal erection and wondering whether I would experience raultney. It’s when so much blood goes to your hard-on that it robs the brain of its blood supply which then leads to fainting.”

 “G, is it my imagination or did you set the world’s record regarding the duration of an erection?”

“It seemed that way, but I hear that the Viagra type pills can, in rare cases, cause a forever erection. Women must love it!”

“Okay, what happened after your relaxation interval?”

“She then paid full attention to me and gave me a beautiful gift- a never-to-forget, very slowly executed blow-job, one of the most beautifully executed performances of my career.”

“G, I hate to bust your chops, but I’m still not clear on what you mean by high–level sex.”

G looked somewhat aggravated and said, “Let me tell you one more thing that you probably won’t understand, and let’s shut down on this subject. The primary objective with high-level sex is not to have an orgasm. It’s only a part of the total mix. Women will understand this more than men.”

You won’t believe this, but right after he said that, we heard a pack of coyotes, close by, making their mystical howls.

 Maybe they heard G and were sending us an approval or disapproval signal!

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