G Held Hostage by a Nymphomaniac

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What is the difference between a nymphomaniac and a slut? I discussed this question with G after my previous post “If She’s a Slut or a Pig, What is He?” I am still conducting entertaining interviews for the sequel to that post. G reminded me about his unforgettable experience when he was held hostage by a wild nymphomaniac. We decided to share part of that chapter from the book.

“Lorenzo, in my limited experience, every nymphomaniac whom I was with was almost entirely preoccupied with her sexual pleasure. Nymphomaniacs do make a half-hearted effort to please, but as far as I’m concerned, it takes away from the act. I much prefer that they not fake it. To tell the truth, I sometimes envy them and wish the tables were turned.

Well, let me tell you what happened a few years ago when I was way past my prime, when I was held hostage by a nymphomaniac. An old good friend of mine and his lovely wife invited me to dinner to meet a blind date. She was much younger than I, about forty, and somewhat attractive. At first, I sensed she was uncomfortable, and I concluded it was due to our age difference. What woman wouldn’t be? I decided to be very respectful to her, expecting her to leave soon after dinner. But, boy, did she drink up a storm. At the dinner table, she became very affectionate, caressing my thigh under the tablecloth and kissing me periodically—and they were real kisses indeed! I went along with the flow and drank more than usual, though I should have done the opposite. But it was turning out to be an interesting moment, and, as you know, my general outlook on life is to seek and prolong those moments.

“Anyway, don’t ask me about the details of how this happened, but we left the dinner table and went outside, purportedly for a breath of fresh air. Unexpectedly, she asked me to drive her to her apartment. We forgot to tell our hosts. Though her pad was about ten minutes away, I drove for over an hour to find the damn place. She couldn’t remember the way back. Well, Lorenzo, I’ve been around, but this was a first for me. As soon as we entered, she immediately locked the door, turned around and faced me, and then completely disrobed as fast as I’ve ever seen. There she stood, tall and naked before me, and, frankly speaking, I was at a loss regarding the next step, but I had no choice. She took the lead, grabbed my hand, escorted me up the steps to the bedroom, and immediately unbuckled my belt. Though I was not at all in the mood, I was obligated to fulfill the lady’s wishes and took off all my clothes, wondering what the hell was next. Caveat Emptor!

We hope you will read the book or download the e-book to find out how G’s hostage adventure ends!

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