Womanizers, Manwhores, Sluts and Pigs Part II


 I’ll begin with my often repeated mantra that sex studies, especially surveys, are mostly faulty and conclusions not to be fully embraced. But, even so, certainly some clues of what’s happening can be made. The same holds true with this mini-survey that G and I conducted coupled with our many years of experience.

In a recent post we discussed what, in the past, men and women thought about and characterized sexually promiscuous men and women.  The men called the women sluts or pigs but, nevertheless, were eager to hit the sack with them. They were not viewed with any particular emotion such as disgust but there was a 100% consensus that they would never even think to marry one. Once in a while a guy fell for a pig and invariably paid the price of jealousy and suffering.

 The women labeled promiscuous men as “lovers” or “ladies men.” This was followed by a “they’re- bad- boys- smile” along with “that’s-the-way-it-is” shrug of the shoulders. With few exceptions, hostile remarks were absent. (For the historic record, the most common term by men to describe a  “lover” was an “ass man” such as Marlon Brando and Elvis Presley.” In certain circles, it’s still used today).

Jumping ahead in time, the word “womanizer” appeared. Sparked by feminists, the media and universities effectively trumpeted the word and its message into our daily lives warning the women to avoid these bad hombres. Even some men, who were obviously not in the class of womanizers, bought into the message. But here’s what’s interesting: The word has largely disappeared from our national vocabulary!  

I, as a physician –scientist, instinctively wondered why this happened. Though, during the womanizing era, the Nicholson and the Beatty types were being hammered by an increasing spectrum of organizations and media, G and I observed that the women were still flocking to them. Based on that and other observations, my conclusion is that the concept behind the word has no long-term staying power simply because, deep down, most women don’t consider womanizers as men do with sluts, creatures to be shunned except for having orgasms.

Getting back to the previous post, we believe that modern men’s attitudes toward sexually prolific women haven’t changed. They are still called sluts  only to be taken to the sack but never to marry. In our recent survey of women’s attitudes towards ass men, the initial findings are as follows: We interviewed 18 women from ages of about 20 to 50. We  asked them what they called “promiscuous men” and what they thought about them. Regarding the former, 8 replied, “manwhores”; 2, “pricks”; 2, “players”; 1, “a typical man”; 1, “womanizer”, 1, “pigs” and 3 had no specific name. What was perhaps a new finding were their attitudes toward these guys. Unlike men’s cavalier attitudes to sluts and pigs, G and I both detected feelings that were clearly emotion driven in about half of the ladies. The others were that of simple resignation to “the way it is.” Though difficult to precisely describe the expressed feelings of the former, we would characterize them as a mixture of hostility and betrayal coupled with frustration. As with the first group of ladies there were also definite feelings of resignation or “that’s the way it is.”

We were surprised by this finding for we thought that, because of the sexual revolution, manwhores would become commonplace and acceptable to women the way sluts are to men.

What’s the message? Once more this is not a definitive medical study, but G and I are comfortable with making certain conclusions. For this post let’s deal with a single major one. Before the sexual revolution, there were many fewer ass men or manwhores and far fewer sluts or pigs. So it wasn’t a pan- cultural thing and lacked national prevalence, attention and analysis. After the sexual copulation exploded, it then became possible to determine what impact it would have on men and women. Attitudes of men haven’t changed much regarding sluts because that’s probably the way their natural mindsets are. Women’s natural mindsets, however, did not really change but were brought out into the open, perhaps for the first time in history, by them experiencing sex on an epidemic scale.

G and I also believe that there’s a huge difference between how women regard womanizers versus manwhores. A womanizer is more romantic and exciting to be with while a manwhores is more of the animal type. It’s our prediction that the term manwhores will never reach the level of popularity and duration as womanizer, and it too will fade away.

Our conclusion? Putting all the pieces of the pie together, women undoubtedly want more out of sex than men.

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