sodomy 13th C

Chennakesava temple, Somanathapura, Karnataka, India. 13th century heterosexual anal sex: photo by Nagarjun Kandukuru

The CDC or Center for Disease Control conducted a survey which reported that sodomy is on the increase. I just saw a video where a smiling young lady- and I had a hunch why she was smiling- reported that sodomy among young heterosexual male and female adults was increasing.

Frankly speaking, and making the assumption that sodomy is increasing, I became curious as to why a man would want to sodomize a woman instead of entering her vagina and why a woman would want a penis stroking into her anus instead of her vagina. Is it usually done because one or more partners really enjoy it or done simply because men and women are seeking a more experiential type of sexual pleasure or both? Also, is it done routinely or only now and then?

I turned to the Internet for answers and came up empty. Interestingly enough, when I searched for “sodomy” almost all references deal with homosexual men, venereal disease such as AIDs and the cultural mindsets and laws surrounding this act including the execution of homosexual males which still exits in certain cultures. There’s almost a vacuum of information on heterosexual sodomy, and that’s because solid clinical studies on this subject are few. It has escaped medicine’s purview.

I believe it’s safe to assume that heterosexual sodomy, like oral sex, began even before the first recorded civilization of Sumeria. During the Renaissance the powerful and feared gossip columnist, Aretino, wrote Sonnetti lussoriosi or Lewd sonnets describing controversial artistic engravings that depicted women craving to be sodomized. Needless to say, fearing a Catholic Church reprisal, he left Rome in a hurry but returned after the emotional fire was spent.

I called my “sex consultant group” of young men and, to my surprise, though sodomy was done by some, it wasn’t a big deal and performed on an extremely limited basis. This led me to wonder whether there was something wrong with reports claiming a dramatic increase in anal sex. Time will tell.

Believe it or not, because of my limited research resources, the only credible one on heterosexual sodomy was my old friend, G. I don’t remember the exact numbers, but he did sodomize a small number of the 300 hundred women with whom he bedded. We had talked about it before but my memory was hazing about the facts and, surprisingly, so was his when I called and raised the subject. We both had a hearty laugh about the memory loss associated with the oncoming of years. We started our conversation by comparing homosexual male sodomy versus heterosexual sodomy and the one huge difference between them. Lacking vaginas, homosexuals have little choice but to take to the anus. They have, however, like heterosexual males, the options of being masturbated by his partner, penis between the thighs or intercrural sex and oral sex, among others. What came up in our conversation was a subject that never occurred to us before. Do most male homosexuals take pleasure in being sodomized or, as with women faking orgasms, do it to please their partners? There’s little doubt that many men have very tight anuses that, for example, are painful when a physician does a rectal on a routine physical examination or a penis passes through them. The anal walls do not have the relaxing capacity of vaginal ones and for that reason homosexual men inhale amyl nitrite or poppers which dilate the anal sphincter. Poppers also deliver a brief heated rush and temporary high which heightens the pleasure. Even so, there is no reliable information how homosexual men feel about anal sex. The same, of course, holds true for women.

Anyway, getting back to G and his women, here’s what he had to say about them:
“I think in the book I talked about how I’m an ‘ass man’ and not so much a ‘breast man’ when it comes to being attracted to a woman. A sensually shaped lady’s rear end does more to turn on my BGL hormone center than her tits. Don’t get me wrong, breasts do turn me on but not nearly as much as a rear end. What’s interesting is that there are lots and lots more women with sensual breasts than derrieres, and I’m not at all talking just about big breasts- not at all. I mention my breasts experiences in the book. It’s complicated territory.

“ I have had more than a few encounters with women that I sodomized. Being an ass man you would think that I loved it. But here’s the paradox. Not so! I never really enjoyed it and performed the act only to please the woman. Lorenzo, I’m now searching my memory bank of these encounters and how I would summarize what happened.

“It happened in two ways: Either the woman- point blank- requested it or they gave me strong, unequivocal clues for me to take the initiative. They all, with no exception, enjoyed it immensely, sometimes as much as vaginal nymphomaniacs who I’ve been with. Here’s an example: One time I was in a ménage a trois scene when one of the ladies gave me little choice but to manually sodomize her. Concerned that she would be left out of this sex encounter, I looked at the other lady for some type of silent, visual body language approval. She, being flexible and the curious type, nodded her head in approval and assumed the role of a spectator.

“I sat on the sofa, and she took a supine position lying on my thighs with her rear end positioned just below my belly button. Even for this sex post I’m reluctant to describe certain unpleasant details. Considering the geographic landscape, use your imagination!
“Anyway, I did begin with some physical, teasing foreplay- I decided to remain silent- and then entered her body with my index finger encountering zero resistance. She asked for ‘more’ and I, step by step, added finger after finger until all had comfortably entered. At first, I stroked gently but responding to her body language and her degree of moaning, and she did moan- big-time, I increased the stroked force; the more forceful the stroking the more intense the moaning. Her multiple orgasms were huge, and I, after about almost one-half hour and much to her disappointment, called it quits.

“Lorenzo, as I’m telling this story other past memories of sodomized women are jumping to mind. It’s always fascinated me how the brain can make connections from seemingly unconnected things. I don’t remember ever ejaculating during the act itself. Also, I never had straight or vaginal sex after sodomizing women. Either a hand-job or oral sex followed. Now don’t ask me why. It could have been that these women cleverly led me down this path because of their dislike of vaginal sex. But the more I think about, I also had little desire for straight sex with them and preferred the other methods.”

After further conversation and deliberation, G and I concluded that little is known about heterosexual sodomy. We both agree that it’s increasing but know that the vast majority of women, though they may experiment with the act, don’t like it and much prefer the penis in the vagina. Then there’s also the G factor: Maybe most men, like women, don’t like it too and much prefer their penises in the front instead of the back!

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