The White Women Sex Squealers – On Men – Could It Be True?

White Women Squealers - Tiger

We have entered the age of squealers and/or whistleblowers, a more modern term. The difference between the two is sometimes difficult to define. Before I go on, I must tell you about my cultural mindset. Years ago, in my old Italian neighborhood, a squealer was the lowest form of human life and, for this reason, this “act of betrayal” was a rarity for fear of substantial retribution. Do you remember what Tony Soprano did to Pussy who was squealing to the Feds?

In the late 90’s the white woman airline attendant, Suzen Johnson, lured the famous football star, Frank Gifford, to a hotel room in Manhattan and secretly videotaped their sexual encounter. She then went public with it, and it received enormous media coverage. It’s said she was paid lots of dough not only for the video but for going public as a squealer.

I was fully expecting that much of the outrage would justifiably be directed toward that “traitor” woman. Not so! The betrayed man bore the entire brunt of the cultural beating while she enjoyed her fame and new found riches. G and I were dumbfounded that there was virtually no male, let alone female, support for Gifford.

Let’s jump to President Clinton and the Monica Lewinsky episode. After it became a hot national issue, several of his past white honeybuns came forth with stories of their sexual relationships. And hardly a critical finger was directed at these white lady squealers while our President took a beating. Media and other males deserted the poor guy. G and I were truly stupefied by the absence of male- white or black- let alone female- criticism of these ladies.

(The recent emergence of Lewinsky and the dynamics of the attack on her by women have nothing to do with the sexual event).

Jumping ahead in time, we come to the Tiger Woods scandal. This man, one of the greatest golfers of all time, shares a joint Asian –Black heritage. And he, like the great Frank Sinatra and members of his Rat Pack, is a horny guy and the types who are also understandably besieged by bedroom-promising women seeking experiences beyond the normal routine.

(Many famous men from Hollywood to the sports world, like Tiger Woods, prefer hookers for sexual relief therapy because of the lack of a risk of personal attachment which women of all types often seek with the rich and famous).

Well, from out of the “woodworks” squealing hooker women went public describing in detail Tiger’s sexual propensities which lead to a nasty divorce. They were all white ladies. G and I were hoping that, unlike the timid white media and politician males, the black and hopefully the Asian guys would come to his defense. But they, like the timid white guys, all puzzlingly remained silent not daring to criticize these squealing ladies. White women, however, launched vicious attacks on the man while Asian and black women remained silent.

Then came Elliot Spitzer and Anthony Weiner, both politicians, where the women unabashedly went public with details of the sexual encounters, both real and imaginary, and these guys took humongous personal hits. And, yes, you guessed it; the ladies were all white, and all knew that they would escape the criticism of being judged as lowly squealers. They, instead, wreaked economic benefits from their betrayal as well as recognition which is a normal human drive.

G mentioned that the squealing white women phenomenon may not be the rule because of the Mike Tyson case involving a black woman. He was a great fighter who worked his way up from poverty to the heavyweight world championship. But this affair was different than the others because, after agreeing to go to his bedroom, the black woman accused him of rape and not of having past sexual encounters as with the aforementioned men. Anyway, the guy was convicted and went to jail. G and I, based on past history, were sure that the timid white guys would not come to his defense. But we were surely expecting that the male black leaders would come to his defense based on what a group of old neighborhood ladies expressed to G and me one night over dinner. “Why the hell did she go to his room; for tea and biscuits? She was asking for trouble. She’s to blame.” Right or wrong is not the issue here. Black men, a few of whom I personally know, though they agreed with these ladies, unanimously remained silent.

Here’s a recent case of a non-white woman squealing on an old white male. The young, attractive Black- Mexican, V. Stiviano, secretly taped a conversation with her 81 year old sugar daddy, Donald Sterling. While ostensibly having sex he made some racist remarks which she made publically available. It’s important to note that, as with the Tyson case, this did not involve the exposé of the sex life of a male but for other reasons. And, as also with Tyson, the squealer lady escaped entirely unscathed with one outstanding exception: the dynamic 86 year old baseball legend, Tommy Lasorda, who went to bat for his old friend. Regarding Stiviano’s act of betrayal, he remarked, “”And I don’t wish that girl any bad luck, but I hope she gets hit with a car.” This statement was virtually completely ignored by the media.

Here’s another point that remains in the shadows of human behavior which G and I believe must be increasingly common: it’s blackmail! We had a very close late friend who was a solid family man. He was introduced to an extremely seductive white woman who was paid by a male competitor seeking to lure him to her bedroom where the sexual encounter was videotaped. He succumbed and underwent nightmarish psychological blackmail torture.

Preliminary conclusion: Asian, Black and Hispanic women are not nearly as inclined as White women to squeal on their sexual relationships with men. Asian, Black, Hispanic and White males do not squeal on their sexual relationships with women. To date, this appears to be true with polyamorous and homosexual parties. It’s primarily the White woman sex squealer who should raise concern to all men.
It must be clearly stated that this only the opinion of G and me, and there is no solid medical-scientific evidence to support this conclusion about white women. But we believe there is enough evidence to send a sign of caution. Our culture is definitely supporting such women encouraging all women to betray men- and it will spread to other sexual territories. Though romantically tough to do, some have recommended that, particularly with repeated or long-term sexual relationships, a contract should be signed between the parties including polyamorous ones regardless of cultural backgrounds. An example of such a contract can be found on The Decrapitation Society website.

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