Is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK Jr.) The Real “G”?

Marilyn JFK RFK


Our past charismatic President, John F. Kennedy, and his brother former U.S. Attorney General, Robert F. Kennedy, were very, very horny and prolific guys in fulfilling such horniness. They made love to any lady that moved, anywhere from the White House swimming pool to their limousines. There’s strong evidence that they even shared the company- not ménage a trois style- of Marilyn Monroe, among others. You wonder when they had time to run the country. Tough to conceive in our modern times, the media and everyone else including members of Congress on both sides of the aisle, gave them a pass and ignored their obsession with women and their quest for endless orgasms.

Now poor President Clinton had a simple blow job in his White House office and was, as a result, impeached! Many think Obama could use a little extracurricular sex to get rid of his increasing agita, but can you imagine what would happen if his wife and Valerie Jarret, his guru, caught him in bed with the maid? The next day Joe Biden would be president of our great country!

RFK Jr. is -like his father and Uncle Jack- a very, very horny guy, and his second wife, who committed suicide, and others knew about it. The mysterious code, “G”, was found in his cell phone which was a list of all his lady friends describing certain details of their relationships. They were even rated on a scale of 1 to 10, the latter meaning that he had intercourse with the woman. I don’t know what 3 or 6 or any of the others meant. His ladies were all over the place from Paris to Pensacola, Florida. He also became emotionally involved with some of them- it must have been exhausting! One summer, would you believe, he called one of his lady lovers five times a day!

A friend of mine, who read about the man’s sexual affairs, called me and asked if the RFK Jr. “G” was the Lorenzo Baccalà’s one. I, in a test to see if he read the book, asked him about how many women did the guy make love to. He didn’t have an answer but said a hell of a lot. I then asked him how many women did the “G” in the book make love to, he replied, “About 300”, which confirmed that he knew at least something about the man, but he could have read it in a press release or book review.

I decided to give him one more test and asked, “How many times did my “G” make love to the same women?”

He laughed and answered, “I bet you think you got me on this one. Well, my friend, your “G” rarely made love to a woman more than once for he always walked away while the RFK Jr. “G” came to the same plate many times.”

He and Cheryl Hines, the subtlety sexy wife of Larry David on the television series, Curb Your Enthusiasm, are planning to be married. Best wishes to RFK Jr. and learn to curb your enthusiasm!



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