Men and Peaches in Thongs and Breasts

 breastspeaches in sexy underwear in China

In previous posts we talked about breasts and rear-ends and how they affect men’s sexual arousal. Based on our personal experience, G and I believe that breasts ranked significantly higher than rear ends but it’s important to note that this may not be due to the fact that breasts are intrinsically more sensuous but because there are many more ways to present them regardless of their size and shape. For example, even small breasts, with the proper cleavage or other type of presentation can be perceived as sensual. But it’s much more difficult to do with asses of various sizes and shapes. Of course, the total woman, especially her body language including the eyes, plays a critical role in the total hit.

Also, historically, the marketing of breast and breast products has far, far exceeded that of the culo which encouraged women to maximize their breast sensuality luring men into their fantasies and , might I add, the fantasies of the women, themselves. But then the skin tight leggings and short- shorts up to the pubic zone came into fashion which were highly visible to all and, we think, got more men interested in rear ends.

So the great question is, “Is a breast or a culo more sensual to men?”

There’s a Chinese guy who’s in the peach business, and his sales were going miserably when a moment of marketing inspiration jumped to mind. In anticipation of the Chinese equivalent of Valentine’s Day on August 2nd he dressed his peaches in sexy thongs which resembled women’s’ backsides. He posted the photos on Internet and sales of the peaches in panties skyrocketed. G and I agree that these peaches looked like the real thing and never before have we seen so many perfect rear- ends displayed in a single photo. So we, out of curiosity, decided to conduct a mini-survey among 12 men from ages 25 to 51 and three women in their early 50’s.

We asked them to compare the peach and breast photos (above) and decide which one had the most sensual impact on them. All felt the challenge delightfully humorous. The ladies politely refused to participate. One, smiling with beautiful sparkling eyes, said, “Frankly speaking, we’re more interested in men’s derrieres!” The other two, without hesitation, concurred. G was not at all surprised by this statement and has written about it in the book and elsewhere. In his extensive experience with women a number of them commented about how they are attracted by men’s derrieres, including his, and remembers that Mel Gibson’s one was mentioned several times.

The session we had with the guys was revealing. Before they reviewed both photos, we had a couple of drinks discussing the general breast-culo topic. Three of them found rear ends more attractive. All agreed, however, that there are far fewer attractive ones than breasts but all readily concede that it could be, in large part, due to the way that they are presented. But there’s no doubt that the media presents breasts in enticing ways far more frequently than rear ends, and this definitely presents a bias or factor in favor of them. Interestingly enough, the breast advocates of our group freely admitted that the legging, short shorts movement has them increasingly fantasizing about rear ends but not yet on the level of tits.

Now the results of the survey: 9 out of 12, the breast guys, understandably had difficulties dealing with photos of peaches instead of real backsides. They said if they were real rear-ends, they would be spectacularly attractive ones and would unquestionably provoke their fantasies and powerfully spur their testosterone output.

Then G, a big fan of the beauty of rear- ends, spoke of a date that he had with an extremely attractive Eurasian woman in Beverly Hills who genetically had a petite ass. While having lunch with her of caviar and champagne- G doesn’t like cold vodka with caviar as most people do- she told him that she had it enlarged by a silicone implant or some other type of liquid injection. Remember that G has voiced his disappointing sexual experience with women with silicone breasts, but the night with this woman was one he would never forget. Every time she sat down he had a mini anxiety attack fearing that the liquid implant would burst, make a funny sound, wet her underwear and maybe she would fall off her chair. He couldn’t wait to politely call it a night being unable to even conceive of having sex with her.

As we were calling it a night, one of the guys told us that he recently read about the supermodel, Chrissy Teigen, who was disappointed that she has a “slim backside.” She, at age 28, claims she wasn’t aware that backsides were becoming important until she was 23 when Jennifer Lopez who’s classic sensual butt went public. Though G and I disagree, she claims that a woman has to have an attractive butt, and it “sucks” for her that she lacks one.

We asked the guys whether we have entered the “butt” age. Then came an unexpected surprise: The guys entered into a long discussion about their personal experiences with tits and butts which I’ll discuss in a future post.

Getting back to butts and later on: G and I thought what a wonderful marketing opportunity it could be for a creative marketing mind, whether in film or other formats such as a product line, to market rear- ends, instead of breasts.  




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