Do Women’s Breasts and Buttocks Rate Higher Than Their Faces? What do you think?

Let me begin by repeating my mantra: The conclusions of clinical studies on sex are often highly questionable and faulty. And so is the one discussed in this post. On the other hand, it does, in part, confirm what’s been going on between men and women thousands of years before the Neanderthals.

A study conducted by psychologist, Sarah Gervais, at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, which was published in the European Journal of Social Psychology, reported that, on initial encounters, both men and women view women more by their curvaceous body parts than by their faces. The more curvaceous she is the more attention is paid to her breasts and rump and much less to her face. The author finds this disturbing because it makes women victims of objectification. Objectification, as I read it, is an insulting and degrading act of prejudice which diminishes the value of a woman.  She seems upset that even ordinary women- whatever that means- are being reduced to their sexual parts even by the women who ogle them.

The wisdom of the ages, and practically all data which exists, confirms that men are sexually turned- on by sensually sculptured female curves from the breasts to rear- ends. Some even are turned-on by the curvatures of a woman’s nose, ears and feet, but they were not evaluated in the study.

I spoke to G about this study and then asked him a general question about what attracts him when he first meets a woman, and what feminine attributes light up his desire to be with her as a total woman and not for bedtime pleasure only. He, surprisingly, began to sing the first part of the  famous  song of yesteryear, Come on baby light my fire. Then he, ignoring my question and obviously energized about the curve study, asked, “What are women’s curves for? A sign that they’re great cooks which would turn men on who are searching for the great pasta dish that they never had? Just ask a woman, and you’ll know the answer. She’s happy and pleased that, even with mediocre curves, they are enough to attract a man. With many of the women who I was privileged to be with, we did talk about what attracts a man. I never met a woman who felt this negative objectification thing. And why should they?  It’s one critical component of femininity in general and gives them an upper hand in the battle of the sexes.

“By the way, since Sarah Gervais took the time to set up the study, which is no easy chore, she should be given lots of credit. It would have been an interesting addition to the study if she would have evaluated how these men and women initially viewed men who are relatively curveless.

“Look, when I meet a woman, the curves of her breasts and rear- ends certainly enter the picture. But, remember, in my case they are only part of the total impact and never the only factor which attracted me. In fact, in most of the women who I was lucky to be with, didn’t have fantastic curves. To repeat: It was the total hit of her presence which is tough to describe. It’s her inviting body language particularly the face and the eyes, the mirror of what’s going on in her mind.

“I can’t tell you how many times have I’ve been at social gatherings having a conversation with women when another woman joins us or enters the room. What do they see about her? Her complete attire –including, would you believe, her shoes! Her jewels. Her hairdo. Her makeup. The way she carries herself and, yes, her face and curves. Lorenzo, I’m sure you have had the same experience and guess what? The entire evaluation of the newly entered woman takes less than five seconds- maybe less! The brain has about a billion neurons and many more other types of cells which, despite what you read, hold and process infinitely more information than a computer. Some of the old timers remember how Gary Kasparov, perhaps the world’s greatest chess player of all time, played a championship game against Deep Blue, IBM’s giant formidable computer. Deep Blue was observing about 200 million positions every second and, in a world-shocker, beat Kasparov in their first match. They then played additional games and Kasparov won the last two which indicates that the brain can hold and process more information than Big Blue which also tells us that when a man and a woman first behold another man and woman, billions of connective neurons are initially firing away: And I can tell you, it’s not only on a woman’s curves!”

Based on my many previous conversations with G, I sensed he was running out of gas. But I was curious about one observation he made in the Casanova book and asked, “G, speaking of curves, you once commented that, like faces, all the derrieres of the women who you were with none was the same. What about their vulvas?”

There was a palpable pause. Then G laughed and said, ”Lorenzo, it’s martini time. Ciao!”

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