G’s Amorous Reflections on Women’s Lips, Teeth, Cheeks, Chins, Ears, Nose, Necks and Hair

Body Parts - woman's head

It was one of those rare nights that I wished I had videoed for romantic men and women to behold. It happened at G’s home during dinner with an attractive elderly widow oozing with class. As usual, it was a happy, stimulating and extremely tasty one- the food, that is. He prepared straccetti, taglierini with peas with an unidentifiable sauce, a knockout, and a small tomato, cucumber and shallot salad covered with finely chopped mint. The guy really knows how to prepare simple, tasty dishes.

It so happens that the widow has exceptionally beautiful and expressive eyes as Shakespeare, Keats or some other poet once described as the mirrors of the soul. During dinner, G, with a Brindisi, saluted the beauty of her eyes, and we all drank an amount of wine that was more than the traditional sip.  Suddenly, as G usually does when in deep thought, he stared at the ceiling in silence. He broke the silence by saying, “You know, I never thought of this.” The widow, broadly smiling and curious as hell, asked, “G, what didn’t you think of, my love? I’m holding my breath in anticipation!”

In the book, G described two phases when meeting a woman with promise; play first and flirting, second. If the playing phase makes them connect, then he goes into the more serious phase of flirting in order to capture her amorous interest. When she called him, “My love”, his instincts immediately took him to the play phase, but he quickly tried to dismiss it because it didn’t fit the moment- but couldn’t.

“Look my love; you have beautiful, enchanting eyes, and apart from the entire hit of observing both body and mind of women, what I remember most about them are their eyes. My gosh, only God can create the infinity of messages which they send out. What I was thinking about are their lips, teeth, cheeks, foreheads, chins, ears, nose, necks and hair, all individual parts from the base of the neck to the top of the head along with some of my romantic remembrances of the past.  The brain has always been a great mystery to me, and I often wonder why and how it connects things, in even a millisecond, as I just did. Why in God’s name did I think of these individual things when I was looking at your beautiful eyes? I should have been thinking of eyes or other things- if you know what I mean!” (That last remark was due to his play instincts. He just can’t help it)!

The widow, smiling broadly and flattered, said, “But you can’t drop the subject now or you’ll ruin our dinner. You got our curiosity up, and, my old friend, it would be bad manners not to continue.”

“I understand but the subject matter is broader than broad, and it would take lots of time to refresh my memory about all those features. Maybe the next time we have dinner.”

The widow rebutted, “Not acceptable, and I have an idea which will make it easy for you. Let’s play Freud and his technique of free association that he used with his patients. He would say one or a few word and the patients would respond with the first thing that comes to mind without time to think about it. When I say a word to you just say what immediately jumps to mind. You don’t have to think-only react. Is that okay?”

G remained silent, loaded his pipe, smiled and said, “You’re a very creative and persuasive woman. I wonder what it would be like to fall in love with you.”  There followed a moment of silence when they both just looked at each other transmitting, God knows, all kinds of play messages. There would be no flirting that night.  He then broke the silence and, as if he was a soldier ready to storm the enemy’s stronghold as in the poem, The Charge of the Light Brigade, said, “Shoot! Let’s go!”


“I was neutral to them, but I have a friend who finds a woman’s cheeks- the ones on the face- the sexist part of a woman that turns him on the most: Also, a middle aged woman wearing leggings at my coffee hangout this morning who had an extraordinary sensual real end, and she knew it. I wondered why she put herself on display. Though we wrote about leggings before, I thought about it since, and Lorenzo, it’s a complicated subject. Let’s do another post on it.

“Wait a minute; when talking about sex I’m supposed to talk about the women and not myself. That’s the deal that Lorenzo and I made. Let’s change the subject. ”

The widow slowly and gracefully leaned toward him, gently placed her warm hand on his exposed forearm, searchingly looked him in the eyes and, in a way that no man could refuse, pleaded, “G, can’t you make an exception for me tonight?”

G immediately melted, smiled and said, “You win, baby; go ahead.”


“Porphyria’s Love: It’s a Robert Browning poem where the guy strangles the woman he loves with her own very long hair. Also, after a woman has her orgasms and in order to complete the beauty of the act and make her relax, place the open palm of the hand with the bottom fleshy segment on her forehead and put firm but gentle pressure on it and kind of massage it clock and counter clockwise and periodically caress where the forehead meets the hairline and very softly but briefly periodically run your fingers through her hair. Also, in the 60’s I was at an opera rehearsal where Tito Gobbi, one of the great operatic baritones of all time, was with his lady friend who had a high forehead which made her extremely attractive- but not sensually so. The late singer, Peggy Lee also had a classic high forehead which added to her beauty; also, speaking of hair, though I didn’t do it much; with a woman that’s into pain and fully aroused, pulling her hair while slapping her and talking fantasy domination frequently provokes extraordinary orgasms. But, as with most amorous moves, timing is critical.

“Before I go on, I want to stress it’s the total body language of the head and neck, besides, of course, the rest of the body that has the overall sensual impact. She can be extremely beautiful, but doesn’t have that woman instinct of sensuality. This has happened a number of times in my experience. Also, when thinking about the various head zones, I want to re-emphasize the eyes in most cases are the major hormonal magnetic force. You know the famous Ben Jonson poem made into song with the opening line ‘Drink to me only with thine eyes and I’ll not thirst for wine’, please notice it doesn’t say with thine nostrils, ears, teeth or Adams apple!”


G burst out into laughter and said, “That’s a challenging one to verbalize. I’ve never read or heard about how a woman’s teeth play a role in bringing her to climax but in my experience, though not common, it can, but not alone, of course, but together with her gums. Again, as with other moves, you don’t start out with them but only when a woman is fully aroused, and you’d be surprise how many women like it and, if I remember correctly, all of them experienced it for the first time. Generally speaking, making love should not be a continuous process and intermittent pauses markedly increase a woman’s arousal level. During this pause, I sometimes use my forefinger and massage a woman’s teeth and gums where they meet. It maintains their arousal level. Keep the massage brief for it loses its effectiveness after a brief period of time. It all depends on how you judge she is responding. It can also turn them off”

“Go on; Ears!”

“You have to be careful here, and I’m now thinking of one of the most sensual women who I met. It happened in Copenhagen. She had everything a man can wish for; a rare natural seductress. I often wonder what happened to her over the years. She had very sensitive ears which she wasn’t aware of and which I discovered that a number of other women also didn’t know they had until I made it happen. As everyone knows, there are mainly three ways to approach it. One is massaging them with your fingers; the other is nibbling on the ear lobes and the third is placing a stiff tongue or finger in the ear canal. I must emphasize that the tongue must be stiff. Earrings interfere with ear-loving so I have the woman take them off right at the start of the episode when she’s relaxed and made up her mind to spend time with me. I want to repeat that, from the start, when dealing with the entire neck- head zones, one should be doing other things such as firmly putting pressure on the clitoris with your thumb and forefinger or knee and/or talking the right talk which is, in my experience and when put everything together, the greatest aphrodisiac.


“Zeus, the chief God in Greek mythology and an extremely horny one, fell in love with an earthling, Leda. For some reason, in order to please her, he turned himself into a white swan with a very long, sensuous neck which length is much longer than the longest human erection recorded which is a little over twelve inches. As a result, she had children, one being Helen of Troy ‘the face that launched a thousand ships’ in Homer’s description of the Trojan War. It doesn’t take an imagination to figure out what Zeus did. Also, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, had a chariot driven by long -necked swans. Maybe that qualified her to be the goddess of love.  As with most all uses of the tongue, be it on the clitoris or elsewhere, it should be stiff and firm. I found that oftentimes licking is a downer be it on the neck or elsewhere. But this has always puzzled me: It’s most difficult to judge a woman’s hormonal response by kissing or tonguing the neck. They, in my experience, almost always remain still and voiceless. But, Lorenzo, as I said in previous post, in certain women who like a domination approach, not all, their greatest orgasms occur when I firmly place both of my hands around their necks right under the chin and squeeze just short of choking:  But actually choking them brought on humongous orgasms. I frequently had to stop- not one ever asked me to stop- out of sheer fear that they would expire!  Also, I remember a woman wearing a low cut blouse while we were having lunch and drinking lots of white wine in a small piazza in Rome eating lots of fritto misto.  She had the most beautiful neck ever- almost like Zeus’s swan, and, would you believe, just by admiring it, it destroyed my libido. It was like a beautiful, sculptured work of art made only to behold and admired and not to be touched.”


“The woman who I met in Costa Rica: Now I’m not talking about kissing but the visual impact of the lips. She was on a motorcycle who I met after leaving a restaurant and invited me to hop on the back for a ride. One primary reason that I agreed, would you believe, was because, besides the overall hit of her sensuality, she had inviting fleshy lips which sent out a broader message of a receptive woman. As I mentioned before, I had to teach most of my women how to kiss the way that I like it- searching, soft and very slow in the beginning and more vigorous when they are approaching full arousal. Silicone lips, though they are attractive, are no fun to kiss. Like silicone breast and rear- ends, they are turn-offs for two reasons. One is that silicone women are generally less passionate than the others, for whatever reasons, and secondly, I constantly worry that they may burst, and I wonder whether they have the same concerns and maybe that’s why they are less passionate. Speaking about silicone asses, there was a recent report that white women are increasingly having them enlarged to rival the bountiful black rear-ends.

“Enough, my love. Enough, Lorenzo. No more Freud. I’m out of gas, and let’s have a cognac.”

And then something fascinating happened. Now it’s me, Lorenzo, talking. After our cognacs and some small talk to relax the remaining moments, I remarked, “My friends, this was really an unusual night and hopefully, if G agrees, let’s have repeat.” Then came the fascinating moment: The widow said, “I’m all for that, but next time I want G to play Freud and perform free association on me.”

And, surprisingly, G answered, “Why not?” The evening then came to a close.

At breakfast the next morning I asked G if he was serious about agreeing. He, with the broadest of smiles and a sparkle in his eyes, repeated,“Why Not?” I sensed that the play phase was over, and the possibility of the flirtation phase had entered his mind.

The God Zeus as a seductive long-necked swan

The God Zeus as a Swan Ready to Seduce

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