G’s Argument: There’s no Difference between Rape and Female Seduction

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At the end of our last post G made a highly controversial statement that there’s little difference between a man raping a woman and a woman seducing a man. If this opinion came from an ordinary man, I would think he’s nuts and just ignore him. But G ain’t no ordinary man, particularly when it comes to sex. I called him and said that because of its provocative and controversial message that he’s obligated to give us an explanation in more detail. He, without hesitation, agreed.

“Lorenzo, American leaders who influence what we believe in from the economy to politics, lack balls when it comes to women and sex. They’re scared shit to say anything negative about women, but don’t hesitate to blame the man. Anyway, let me begin by saying –out loud- that men are far, far and far hornier than women. Though it is so well-known and needs no proof, let me give you a quantifiable fact: The overwhelming percentage of people who watch Internet porn and jerk-off while watching it are men. They are far, far and far more susceptible to losing their sexual control than women. Don’t let anyone fool you who hold the position that men “willingly” submit to a seductress. It’s bullshit in spades! In a real sense it’s like rape in that, in both cases, a man and woman lose their sexual freedom whether to submit or not submit to a sexual act.

“In my lifetime I’ve spent some time with about a dozen women who, if they wanted to, could easily seduce most men-and they all knew it! In our book I call them manizers. I discussed this ability with a few of them which we can talk about in future post. They have that X factor which is not definable. When you hear about squealer women- and-, with certain exceptions, I don’t like squealers of any type—who reveal their escapades with mostly married men who are rich and famous, there’s little doubt that many of them seduced those poor guys. What happens, however, is, as I said, the guy always gets the blame when it’s the woman who is the culprit. The man takes a damaging heavy hit on his life, and the courts almost always rule in favor of the squealer chick, and the guy also often takes another hit on his finances. And, would you believe, the squealer chick walks away, unscathed like she’s the pure, innocent one. My point is that there should be, as with rape, a law against certain types of seduction. There’s little doubt these seducing women rob men of their free will as a man robs a woman of her free will in rape.

“Let’s take the case of our former president, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. He’s a good looking, extremely charming man and was then the most powerful man in the world- and a very horny one. It’s interesting to note that President Kennedy and Benjamin Franklin were extremely horny men, but had much more experience in releasing their sexual hormones yet, unlike Clinton, they got away with it. Now most men would characterize Monica by a word that is rarely heard these days. It’s ‘sultry’. As I said before, words were not made to define but to communicate, but I would describe it as a woman who is fleshy, deceptive, sensually receptive and confident. Now Monica is sultry enough to be considered that way by many men. Her fleshy lips, let’s say, stand out.

“I have a hunch that when she was in Mr. Clinton’s office she wasn’t wearing a burlap bag and lipstick-less. Maybe afterwards? She went for it- and who can blame her- and seduced the president. It always intrigues me how a blow-job can alter the history of a great nation like the United States. There’s something wacky about that. She could have turned him off but, instead, she knew what she was doing and decided to seduce him by making him lose his free will. In this sense, she raped him, not the other way around.

Remember Mike Tyson, the former heavyweight champion who was accused of rape by a woman and spent a lot of time in prison. He invited this lady to his room and she accepted. Why did she accept? Because he offered her tea and biscuits? Because she believed he was a homosexual and not a heterosexual and had nothing to fear? Her willing acceptance, in my book, is an act of seduction. What else would a man think when she accepted, particularly when you’re very horny, famous and a hot item? I remember having a conversation with my Italian friend who described what happened at dinner with his mother and her Italian lady friends when discussing this affair. “She had no business going to his room”, was the opening remark. The ladies put the blame squarely on her shoulders all agreeing that Mike was duped into a kind of sexual entrapment situation. They all, which is interesting to note, agreed that, because she was to blame, she also should have gone to jail.”

“G, I get what you’re saying but you can’t be serious when you say that seduction is the same as rape?”

“Lorenzo, let me finish. I’m not saying this because it’s not a black or white issue and loaded with gray zones. I full well realize the brutality of rape, but I just want to raise the point by asking this question: “Who suffers more- the guy whose life is ruined by a cunning seductress or a woman who has been raped one time? Look what’s happening at our universities where I believe the administrators play out their sexual fantasies on the students. They put them together in dormitories where they drink, drug and gals walk around thinly garbed with partially bare breasts showing and accentuated rear ends frequenting the same lavoratories provoking hard-ons. And the horny guys always get blamed after the gals turned them on, make whoopee with them, then blame the guys who invariably get the blame and the accompanying punishment. It’s the gals’ word against the guys, and the scared shit administrators invariably rule in favor of the gals.

“After this mingling of the sexes first began, I had dinner with a dean and his wife, good people, at my home. I voiced my concern that men at that age with testosterone mightily flowing to the brain and genital zones would be walking around with erections and thinking of sex instead of mathematics and Aristotle’s classic book on ethics. And the women, fully aware of men’s horniness and armed with contraceptives, would naturally be tempted to seduce men. They brushed my concerns aside and said they all are used to it, and it is not nor will it be a problem. Now look what’s happening!

“Look, Lorenzo, true rape is an abominable act, and the guys should pay the price. In my old Italian neighborhood, if a guy raped a lady, he would risk his life if he walked around the neighborhood because the guys would beat the shit out of him. But what I’m saying is that destructive seduction, be it teasing or more in depth, should not be given a free pass in male-female sexual controversies.”

“Okay, G: What’s the solution? You’ve just presented a complicated subject which it’s difficult to determine what is true rape or true seduction where both a man and woman lose their free will to consensual sex. Do you have one?”

I could hear G puffing on his pipe and sipping his martini which is a signal that he’s heavy in thought. Out of the blue G blurted out, “President Kennedy once said, ‘Life is not fair’.” He then returned into his cocoon of silence once more thinking, puffing and sipping away. “Lorenzo, we have all kinds of laws and policies regarding the definition of the act of rape which vary with each state and organizations. It’s time we have the same safeguards for men. Someone should write a prototype law- let’s call it the Female Seduction Entrapment Law- based on the indisputable fact that men are much, much hornier than women, have less free will in the act of sex and should factor in any controversial sex dispute regarding who’s the blame and who should pay the emotional and financial price. Tough to do but obligatory in order to reduce increasing sexual chaos. Then states and others can review it and consider it in broadening their rape laws to include seduction.

“Lorenzo, don’t you know Bill Cosby?”

“Yes, but not well.”

“How would do you think a fair way would be to handle his situation? What would be the proper legal approach?”

“G, that type of solution is in your territory so why don’t you come up with it?”

There was brief pause, and I could hear his puffing rate increase. He then replied, “You bet-in a future post.”

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