Leggings, Breasts, Butts and The Penis

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Though G and I usually shun social gatherings- we prefer dinners with no more than eight around the table but six works  best- there are a couple that happen about twice a year that we enjoy. Last week we went to the home of a successful business friend who invited about a dozen of his male friends for tasty snacks and unlimited drinks. We were all in his large kitchen when his girlfriend entered with some additional snacks and left. She wore tight leggings and had an impressive booty which all noticed and which led to an interesting conversation.

One of the middle aged bachelors began, “G, you talked about leggings in a previous post, but something about them just jumped to mind. It’s been awhile since the ladies have been wearing them, and there’s no doubt that millions of American males have been and continue to be turned on by them. I am! In the past it was a woman’s breast that was the much bigger turn-on and probably still is. There are reasons for this but one is that breasts were easier to see and butts were more hidden by women’s clothes. Leggings changed all of this and it’s almost the opposite.

“Now here’s what I’m thinking. It’s sodomy and tit fucking. The last time we met most, and maybe all of us, were not into sodomy. G said the same about his experience with his 300 ladies. We never talked about tit fucking. G, did they enjoy it?”

“Only a couple asked for it, but it’s definitely a man thing. I am not an authority on this subject, and things may have changed with the sexual revolution. It’s possible that leggings may have created a general horny pattern to try all kinds of new sex acts that were not common before the leggings invasion. Guys, are you tit fucking more?”

Without hesitation all did not. Historically, those who did it in the past did it mostly out of curiosity. Certainly some guys enjoyed it: and it was exclusively limited to women with big tits. What was interesting is that all believed the women enjoyed it not primarily for sexual reasons but out of play when they squeezed both breasts against the penis. All the women smiled.

The guy changed the subject to sodomy. “Since the butts in leggings are a big turn-on and after being exposed to them for so long now, it must be leading to more sodomy. Am I right?”

All the guys denied it as far as they were concerned. They love to look at the butts, tightly embrace a woman from the rear and firmly place their peckers in the warm crevice, but, shortly after, then go to the front. And all of their women prefer that. They have not encountered any woman who asked to be sodomized since the leggings revolution.

G, however, had previously thought about these possibilities and concluded that they must be happening because, with sexual barriers rapidly melting away, previously suppressed fantasies, and they are countless, are now exploding freely being expressed. He said, “Hey guys, we are all from the New City and surrounding areas and maybe men in other parts of our country are different than we are. He asked whether they thought that was good idea. All, do have such friends and  enthusiastically agree for they were curious as hell.

Right after that decision, the girlfriend returned with dessert in hand. She bent over to warm up her special preparation, and I’m sure that all, particularly after our discussion, had suddenly become flexible and thought of the potential pleasures of sodomy.

A few weeks passed when our snack host sent the following email. “ I’ve received 17 emails with regard to what your men friends in different parts of the country, even kinky California, have to say about our conversation. All agreed with us with what we concluded.”

After G read  it, he paused, lighted his pipe, gazed at the ceiling as he frequently does while in deep thought, and then said, “I don’t believe it.”

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