Penile versus Clitoral Erectile Dysfunction

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I called G the other day to discuss what would be the subject of the next post. Mamma mia, was he pissed off. When I asked him what was the problem, he barked out, “Cialis!” I hesitated to ask, but changed my mind. “Didn’t it work?” Because of his wonderful sense of humor, his mood abruptly changed, and he burst out laughing and answered, “Even if it were true, I wouldn’t tell you. No, I’m watching a Cialis ad, and it’s full of shit!”

He went on to explain how Cialis and Viagra ads are big time misleading and the men and women actually believe the message which is reflected in their impressive sales.  “Look, the men and women in the ads are usually in their upper fifties to early sixties and are usually better looking than most Americans. The women look at the guys with a big smile as if they are as they happy as can be and can’t wait to hit the sack to be penetrated again. Lorenzo, it’s all bullshit. Any man or woman who has been around the bedroom also knows that as women get older their interest in sex decreases. The same holds true for men but to a much lesser degree. In order to keep their men happy they just take the supine position, spread their legs and many times can’t wait to get it over with. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s normal! I remember my uncle had to have sex every night, and they weren’t quickies. He was a real stickman. My poor aunt developed an ingenious strategy on how to handle nightly intrusion. She waited until she was sleepy before hitting the sack. Shortly after the action began, she would fall asleep. Tough for me to picture, but women are women.

“But here’s what bugs the crap out of me. The man gets the blame in these ads when, in real life, it’s the woman who is just not that interested in the majority of times. Look, like the penis, the clitoris has erectile tissue and, therefore, there’s clitoral dysfunction. A woman is the honey and a man a “horny bee”, and a woman knows it. ”

“G, what’s your personal experience having met and been with hundreds of women from all over the place?”

“Not many were in the age category that we’re talking about, but even some of the younger ones who had young boyfriends told me that the guys didn’t turn them on while others guys did, even though they didn’t necessarily have sex with other men. Before I answer your question, I believe in one of our previous posts I talked about a wonderful dinner date I had with an 84 year- old charming lady when part of our dinner conversation dealt with modern sex issues. Let me first mention that I knew her when she was young and beautiful. and sensual which, in my experience, most beautiful women are not. When she was young, people called her beautiful. When she was in her sixties, they said she ‘still’ was beautiful. When she hit her mid-seventies, they would say, ‘she must have been’ beautiful.’ For some reason, this pissed her off.  I guess it’s hard for a woman to lose the gift of beauty-or is it a curse? The great philosopher, Aristotle, once said, ‘Beauty is far more effective than the best letter of recommendation’, though sometimes the women have to pay some type of price. Anyway, when she was in her late ‘beautiful’ phase, her long time boyfriend was a very famous national celebrity and, even today, many still remember him. I knew him well, and, he was a good guy. Though he was not bad looking she had clitoral dysfunction with him and never came to climax. She, as many women do well, faked it.  But, what might seem inconceivable today, she remained faithful to him up to his death. I don’t care what anyone says, there’s something about this that’s on a high level of human behavior.

“Now getting back to your question: as I mentioned in the Casanova book, generally speaking, I much prefer to have a conversation with women over men and also prefer to do most of the listening. Their minds cover much broader territories of life, and I learn a heck of a lot about life. Lorenzo, I don’t keep score regarding my love life, but I remember well enough of them when we talked about their love lives and the problems they had with their men. Though they said they loved them, they didn’t enjoy having sex with them and faked their orgasms. Whether it was due to erectile or clitoral dysfunction , no one can know.

“But what I do know is that, if younger and sexually attractive women were in the bedrooms of those guys in the erectile dysfunction ads- now, ladies, you may not like this- they would throw those pills in the toilet bowl, flush them down,,and they would be happy as hell and stand tall.  

“ Lorenzo, you’re the expert on this. What’s the true story on how these pills affect a man’s sexual desires and performance?”

“G, that’s the subject of another post. It all depends.”

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