Sex and the Forehead and the Nape of the Neck (Maybe the first time ever described!)


You guessed it! Here we are again with our widow friend and her widow friend having cocktails and discussing sex. Out of the blue, the former asked G how, in his experience, women react to making love to their necks; and, also, how he does it.  G then did what he sometimes does when excited about his subject matter. He plays the role of a professor ready to reveal a sacred truth to his innocent students and assumes a standing position to deliver his lecture.

“Ladies, I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll tell you what I remember if only you tell me what you think about what I have to say if, of course, it’s not beyond common boundaries of acceptable conversation. Va bene?”

The ladies agreed with a silent nod.

Then, with serious, philosophical facial language and after raising his arm above his head with his finger pointing toward heaven, he proclaimed, “Ladies, it’s more than the neck but also the forehead. There is no difference between the nape or center of the back of the neck and the center of the forehead during love making. And in the way that I do it, in the majority of times it has little to do with making women come to climax. In all my years of learning about sex, incredible as it may seem, I‘ve never come across this subject. Maybe it has never ever been described. Lorenzo and I never discussed it in the book. Yes, we discussed choking the front of the neck which, along with mind-opening fantasy talk, is perhaps the greatest of all aphrodisiacs- at least in my experience. As I mentioned in past conversations, frequently I had to voluntarily shut it down out of pure fear of asphyxiation because the women didn’t signaled me to stop.”

G paused for a moment and made an observation about himself. “You know something? I’ve never explained the forehead-neck commonality to anyone before, not even to myself.  I just did it by male instinct. Give me a moment to think about it.”

A brief moment of silence followed while the ladies sipped on their beloved Apple martinis and the men on their dry, dry gin ones.

“Okay. Let’s start off with the center of the forehead for the neck is much more of a challenge. In the center of the forehead and just over the nose is a slight crevice or indentation which has a tranquilizing sensitivity to the right type of touch. You place your finger or two on the crevice and  begin searching for and guessing at the receptive area and then place soft, but firm pressure on it. It has to be firm. The fingers can be placed either on the tips or flat and parallel on the surface. They are effective either when they are motionless or moving very slowly back and forth. I found that the solitary forefinger placed firmly authoritatively and motionless on the right spot is the ladies’ favorite.  It’s important to periodically alternate between the two in order to have a superior effect. It’s also important to periodically very firmly place the fleshy bottom of the palm over the crevice with the rest of the hand spread out and extended over and actually grasping the forehead and, in slow circular movements, to very, very slowly massage it. I usually do this at the end.

“Now onto the nape- not the rape- of the neck.” No one said a word, and it was obvious that G regretted his attempt at poetry.

It was obvious that the ladies had questions that they were bursting to ask , but I, Lorenzo, knowing G, silenced them with a glance for G works best uninterrupted when on a trip down memory lane.

He resumed. “In the middle of the nape of the neck, just at the bottom of the skull, is also a crevice or indentation and, like the forehead, has a tranquilizing sensitivity to touch. It, however, it’s logistically more difficult to locate and stimulate the right spot. As with the forehead, after I find the spot I, more or less, use the same movements. Unlike the forehead, the ladies like the feeling for a much briefer period of time. I can’t figure out why for though many times I tried to prolong those moments, it didn’t usually work. Because of the logistical difficulties and briefer moments of pleasure, I visited the neck much less frequently. But I want to emphasize that they both had the same impact when done properly.”

G, obviously very satisfied with himself, let out a broad smile and said, “That’s all ladies. Now I want to ask you some questions.”

No way was that going to happen. You could see that the ladies were bursting at their seams with questions. The widow exclaimed, “Wait a minute, G; not so fast for we have some important questions to ask first. You said these moves have little or nothing to do with sex. If so, why the heck do you make them?”

The widow’s friend then jumped in. “That’s right! And if they don’t come to climax, how do you know that they work?”

G then sat down, gazed at the ceiling and remained silent for about ten seconds wondering how to answer the questions. He lighted his pipe and asked me to refill his and the ladies’ drinks. The ladies love the smell of G’s pipe tobacco.

“Now don’t interrupt my thought until I’m finished for I’m searching my memory bank like a computer- do you think that one day computers will have orgasms? I only made these moves with the more mature and comfortable women. I would estimate about a hundred or more. Though not always, I usually did this after a woman’s first climax and then let her relax and enjoy the moment for herself. The secret of good sex is knowing when to be selfish and when to be giving. Ladies, as I’m sure you know, in sex you have to know when to give and when to take. And if it’s the right woman, here’s what happens almost every time: the woman, probably more relaxed than she many times has ever felt,  goes into a brief twilight zone or actually falls asleep and, would you believe, oftentimes lightly  snores which, for some reason, pleases me. But it’s critical that you hold her, without movement, and keep very, very still with body next to body sharing the warmth of body heat. My God, that’s something that everyman should experience before he hangs up his boots. It’s interesting to note that a man who undergoes such an experience would fall into an almost paralytic, twilight zone as if he were in an opium den forgetting about or incapable of pleasing the woman for the rest of the night. But ladies believe me: the woman, I can’t recall any who did not, revive within what I would estimate a quarter of an hour or so, with a highly energetic surge of what I can call their inherent mother instinct. They become totally selfless and pay attention to satisfying the man’s sexual pleasures. But here’s what’s puzzling: you would think that this would signal the end of the evening. Now the surprise: after the woman’s caring for the man, she is almost immediately ready for another climax with the same intensity as the previous one or ones. As I said before, the man is ready to rest but he cannot for the evening would end up with an unfilled woman, which is a sin against masculinity.

“Now can I ask you ladies my questions?”

“G, if you don’t mind, we have a few more. How do you know you’re in the right spot when in the crevices? Is it because it’s so tiny that you can’t miss it?”

G enthusiastically replied, “That’s the key issue, my love. Even though both zones are small…. How can I explain? Let me think for a second.” While he was thinking we were drinking waiting what could be a new sexual revelation.

“The more that I’m thinking about it, the more I can compare both of them to the clitoris. They have subzones. The small clitoris has a top, bottom, two sides and a highly innervated frenulum helping attach it to the vaginal wall. All can react differently depending how they are stimulated from the dildo to the tongue to the penis along, of course, with fantasy language and a little pain. You have to patiently search for it by feeling your way around, for example, by a moving your finger a fraction of an inch, which is almost always necessary. That’s how complicated sex can be. A fraction of an inch can make the difference between no orgasm, faking one or the best one of her life. Tough to believe, but that’s the way sex is.”

Once more G thought he had explained enough to satisfy the ladies’ curiosity, but once more he was mistaken. The widow’s friend, obviously frustrated, almost pleaded, “G, you haven’t told us how you know you arrived at the right spot!”

G belly laughed, paused and again asked for time to search his memory bank. He began, “Now we are entering my know-how zone which cannot be literarily explained, but I can give it a try for I have thought about this before. The search for the spot or zone begins in silence and then the man must rely on his instincts on how the woman responds. After beginning, many times the woman will say something like, ‘This feels good or nice’ which is the signal that you’ve found the zone. If she doesn’t say anything then I would ask her when I judged that I was in the right zone, ‘Does this bother you?’ and then wait for her response.”

The widow interjected and asked, “Why not just ask whether she likes it instead does it bother her?”

G answered, “That’s a good question, and I don’t have the exact answer except it’s due to reasons of the complicated female mind. In my opinion you can put a woman on  guard and turn off her hormones when you directly ask her if she likes a sexual act for it strikes her an invasion of her privacy and a security threat instead of a liberating movement. Of course, there are exceptions, and I did used that type language in exceptionally high passion situations when a woman very much desires to take the next step in sexual exploration. When one uses the word ‘bother’ it relaxes and gives the woman the option of making a comfortable ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision when deciding to give a man the go-ahead to proceed until he gets it right. Do I make myself clear?

“And now ladies it’s my turn to ask questions. What’s your experience with your napes and your foreheads?”

The widows, with broad smiles, exchanged glances and then our widow friend murmured, “Tonight is the not the night to discuss uninteresting history.”

As we were to tackle dinner, G said “I left out something important. It’s the position factor. When making love to the forehead it’s best that the woman is supine or on her back and you are lying next to her with bodies touching, of course. When loving the neck, however, it’s best to warmly hold the woman in your arms with her face nestled in on your chest which, in addition to it bodily and mental warmness, also makes her neck more easily accessible.

“Right now I can’t think of anything to add so let’s close down on this subject unless you have some last questions or comments.”

There was a brief pause and then the widow commented, “ What about making love to the ears. Is there an art to that?”

G leaned back on his chair and responded, “You bet.”

The widow’s friend then asked, “How about the nose?”

G quickly answered, “You bet.”

It didn’t take a genius to conclude that these two facial appendages would be the subject of their next dinner meeting.

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