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In my favorite coffee shop, my favorite “barista” introduced me to an old-timer urologist, and we had a cappuccino together. The doctor has a vast experience regarding sex matters, and somehow we got on the subject of small penises. Though I wrote about this in a previous post, I believe hearing what a wise, experienced physician has to say can be extremely helpful to both men and women.

Sipping on our cappuccinos he said, though obviously important, the length and width of the penis is highly overrated with respect to satisfying a woman. It’s the overall technique or know-how in making love that counts. G would certainly second that motion. There are lots of ways to turn a woman on which are, oftentimes, more important than the penis size or even do not require a penis at all. What disturbs the doctor is many times a man misleads himself in believing he has a small penis when, in fact, it’s due to a large vagina or one with lots of secretions. Furthermore, there are no credible clinical studies to determine which one is really the problem when the blame is mistakenly attributed to a small male organ. Roughly speaking – and these are only estimates- the average male erection size is 5.5 inches and its circumference about 4 inches, while the average depth of the vagina is 3.5 inches and width about 2.5 inches. So even if the male erection size is significantly below the average, it is still large enough to fill the majority of vaginas. G once told me that a number of his lady friends commented that men with large penises are not uncommonly inferior lovers than those with smaller or so-called small ones. And, so what if the penis is 3.0 inches and one-half inch shorter than the end of the vaginal road?

Regardless of the facts, the doctor told me as long as a man only thinks his penis is small and will detract from his performance, it oftentimes leads to a negative psychological mindset, such as increased anxiety, which affects his confidence and ability to achieve a full erection.

 For example, when a man is with an exciting, sensuous woman and heatedly anticipating entering her, his erection usually comes to a full, throbbing robust size. But when he has a routine encounter where, for whatever reason including the consumption of too much alcohol, his hormonal sparks aren’t flying, the erection is not nearly as full and stiff.

So here’s what he prescribes for men who, for factual or perceived reasons, believe that they have a small penis negatively impacting their performance:  He recommends that they take Viagra or Cialis or other related remedies which can, more often than not, be consistently effective in achieving a full, throbbing erection. It can usually remove the psychological barriers and, once successful, may, in the long term, even reduce the routine need for or even eliminate them.  

In the doctor’s experience, small penis or not, a high percentage of men claim to have a significant increase in width and length of their penises and are now happy troopers. Also, this effect has been reported in clinical studies.

When I asked G to review this post , he said, “ You forgot one critical point which I can personally vouch for. Women’s vaginas adapt to the size of the penis which is very good news and what you would think nature would do. Though very tough to conduct, I believe there are suggestive clinical studies which support my experience. The rap on a small penis is getting out of hand while the vagina factor, which may be a bigger problem, remains in the background. ”

I asked the doctor whether the pleasure derived from an orgasm is related to the size of the penis. . In his vast experience he found no differences. He said that Napoleon, who was a short man, had a small penis but was a horny son-of-a-gun. On his many military campaigns he very frequently would order his assistants to, “Bring me a woman.” He would order that the woman strip down naked before she entered his quarters. He was a very horny, energetic and courageous guy. He led the charge in multiple military battles. It’s said that he had at least nineteen horses killed under him and many more died from exhaustion.

 His penis may have been small but he had humongous balls!

napoleon horse 2

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