Women in the Military: What’s the Story?

Sex is like fire. It can warm up your home or burn it down.”

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The battle of self- interest among individuals and groups is a natural phenomenon. Women self- interest groups have won the battle over men in our universities and in the work place, and they are to be congratulated. It was believed, however, that the military was immune to female activism because of the nature of warfare which, historically, has been a man thing. Not so today. Our political leaders, uncompromisingly pushed by our President, have further opened the doors for women to be in closer quarters to men whether on an aircraft carrier, in a tank or trench or in boot camp crawling through the bushes. I don’t know about the situation in modern submarines which have cramped quarters and stay underwater for a long time.

Women are now common, highly active and unabashedly sexual aggressors. I am told that it is a dishonor for young teenage ladies to remain virgins. New recruits for the Armed Services are young hormone driven men and women where sexual passions and attempts at their fulfillment are pervasive. And, if you don’t think the prevalence of these will increase, just take a look at the photo of Israeli gun-toting female soldiers. A picture, indeed, is worth a thousand words!

The Department of Defense released a report regarding “unwanted sexual contact” including a survey. Though the survey reported that more males have experienced unwanted sexual happenings, only 2% officially report them versus 90% of women. The human characteristic of tattle telling is much more common among women than men which is supported by the constant headlines of exposing male hanky- panky by ladies such as with Weiner’s wienerwurst and Spitzer’s prostitutes.  And this pattern this will inevitably increase. In addition, women have a highly significant advantage over men with respect to producing objective evidence. Men don’t get pregnant!

Defense Secretary Charles Hagel called the military sex scene, “A huge problem.”  He discussed it with President Obama who said that he believes there is no silver bullet to solve the problem, and it’s going to “take all of us to solve it”- whatever that means. I’ve got news. It is not solvable! We have entered the age of orgasms which expressions cannot be denied unless by forceful means.

Let’s step back and, like a corporate strategist, ask some fundamental core questions. What is the purpose of the military? Answer: To protect our country. Right?  Do women in our military, particularly with new groundrules, enhance or diminish our national strength?

Our government has not addressed the latter question.  Certainly it is obvious that the 200,000 women and 1.2 million men in the Armed Services, working together, can significantly increase our national strength if structured wisely. But which it is not. I fear, given our current system, the sex factor will result in the opposite.

The following is a statement made by the Army chief of staff, General Raymond Odierno, a good man but under lots of political pressure, before the Senate Armed Services Committee: “… combating sexual assault and sexual harassment within the ranks is our No. 1 priority.”  Shouldn’t he have added, “In order to strengthen our national security?”

*There is no general law regarding sex such as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Visit www.thedecrapitationsociety.com and read DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law or BGL which addresses all human sexual behavior.

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