Archive | March, 2016

Dr. DeFelice’s Video Features the Connection of the Brain, Sex, Individual and Social Behavior

Sex: There is no lack of scientific studies on sex, the brain and sex, and sex and social behavior but what is lacking is a way to connect them all together in order to understand and address it. Physician and medical innovator, Stephen L. DeFelice, Founder and Chairman of FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, […]

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Dr. DeFelice on Dr. Gregory Smith’s Radio Show – The BGL and Nutracueticals

Dr. DeFelice joined the Truth, Medicine and Politics radio show with Dr. Gregory Alan Smith, M.D. to talk about the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, the theory of The Brain Genital Law and the history behind Dr. DeFelice’s coining of the term “nutraceuticals.” Click here to listen to the audio of the interview. For more […]

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