Stephen L. DeFelice is an internationally recognized physician with an extensive background in medical and clinical research who, observing cultural changes over five generations, is very much concerned about what’s going in America. He attributes much of this to an overwhelming epidemic of misinformation, particularly on social issues, causing pervasive destabilization ranging from the lives of individual men, women and children to that of the nation. For this reason he coined the term, “Decrapitation”, and established The Decrapitation Society, the mission of which is to sort out and help rectify the inexorable flood of misinformation.

He is well known for his life-long effort to discover life-saving therapies, especially carnitine, as well as cures for diseases and disabilities. He is both the founder and chairman of FIM, the Foundation for Innovation in Medicine, which he established in 1976. Learn more about him at fimdefelice.org.

This website covers a broad range of subject matter and is divided into six categories: DeFelice on Health and Social Issues, Patricia Park’s Corner, Videos, Lorenzo Baccala blog, Guest posts and his articles in New Jersey’s Westfield Leader, a prestigious privately held publication established in 1890.

Dr. DeFelice deals with specific medical-health issues many of which are controversial such as calcium as a cause of divorce and general ones such as how to both reduce health care costs and speed up the discovery of much needed medical cures just by passing a single simple new law, his Doctornaut Act. Regarding social issues he covers a broad range of subject matter from the sexual revolution to national defense.

Patricia Park’s Corner also deals with a broad range of subject matter frequently as seen through feminine eyes, oftentimes with a light touch. She has worked with Dr. DeFelice since 1974 just after she graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Skidmore College with a major in romance languages. She married in 1980, gave birth to her son in 1991, divorced in 1994 and celebrated his college graduation in 2014. She traces her ancestry back to the American Revolution. Her favorite author is Nora Ephron.

In the Video section Dr. DeFelice covers a broad range of topics from the Doctornaut Act to DeFelice’s Brain Genital Law or BGL which is his controversial theory on the nature of sex including his deep concern about the arrival of truly effective aphrodisiacs. On the opposite side of the coin, another video is an introductory one to his letter to Pope Francis on his theory of God and evolution, The Number Theory of the Human Signaler.

Other videos include his past interviews on Good Morning America, European Nutraceutical Keynote Speaker clips, Second Season with Louise Ventrella celebrating Italian heritage and his first novel Old Italian Neighborhood Values and Singing Your Way to Patriotism.

Lorenzo Baccalà’s blog is an educational one on the actual psychologic and physical details of the sexual act itself most of them based on interviews with G, the anonymous man interviewed in Baccalà’s book, The Man Who made Love to More Women than Casanova.