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Anchors Aweigh! From Troop Ship to Luxury Liner

From Donald L. Jeka, Former Burson Marsteller International, Vice-President    | Editors Note: Don Jeka, former Vice-President of Burson Marsteller International, served two tours with the United States Marine Corps, enlisting a month after his eighteenth birthday. He spent the first tour of two years in Tsingtao, China with the Fleet Marine Force, Pacific. His second […]

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The Affordable Care Act – Can America Afford it?

From Joseph M. Valenzano Jr., Founder and CEO, Exceptional Parent | “In the end, more than freedom, they wanted security. They wanted a comfortable life, and they lost it all – security, comfort, and freedom. When the Athenians finally wanted not to give to society but for society to give to them, when the freedom they […]

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The Good the Catholic Church Does

From Margaret P. DeFelice, Senior English Major, Holy Family University  |  With the negative light now shining down upon the Catholic Church, the majority of Americans fail to appreciate the good that the Church does. Instead, the Church is portrayed in a negative way. From schools to parishes to charities to even the Vatican, the Catholic […]

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