Guest Contributors

Patricia Anne Park

Our newest writer is Patricia Anne Park. Patricia was born in 1952 and grew up in the pleasant suburb of Upper Montclair, New Jersey where she attended Montclaire High and was on the National Honors Society. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with a double major in romance languages, French and Spanish from, Skidmore College in 1974. After spending a semester studying in Paris, she was determined to find a job In New York using her language skills. She has worked for Dr. DeFelice since 1974 juggling many responsibilities for his various initiatives. Bio/Basics was a third party clinical research firm that had clients around the world, including the Middle East. At Bio/Basics she coordinated international courses for the pharmaceutical industry in Italy for Harvard’s School of Public Health and Tufts’ Clinical Drug Development program and Farmindustria.

Patricia has served as Director of Administration for the Foundation of Innovation in Medicine (FIM) since it was founded by Dr. DeFelice in 1976. After he coined the term nutraceutical, she coordinated all of the Nutraceutical Conferences held by FIM in New York for over a decade. For over 30 years, Dr. DeFelice has been in involved in research on carnitine with the late Dr. Claudio Cavazza, owner of Sigma Tau, in Rome. In order to facilitate that relationship, Patricia learned Italian and coordinated all efforts with Sigma Tau. She has also worked on the public relations for all of his books, conferences and other activities including the new Decrapitation Society. She is a divorced mom with a 20 year old son at Villanova. When she recently offered to help him with a resume, he looked at her incredulously and said “No thank you mom, you haven’t written a resume since 1974!”

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