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Small Penis Update

  In my favorite coffee shop, my favorite “barista” introduced me to an old-timer urologist, and we had a cappuccino together. The doctor has a vast experience regarding sex matters, and somehow we got on the subject of small penises. Though I wrote about this in a previous post, I believe hearing what a wise, […]

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Pedophilia is Often Times not Pedophilia And The Oncoming of Adult Sexual Relationships with Non- Adults

Many cases which are labeled pedophilia are mislabeled.  Why this is so is not clear but the media play a prominent role for their sources of information responding to those authorities who incorrectly label cases as pedophilia.  The standard classification of adults having sex with non- adults falls generally under three categories: –       Pedophilia: When […]

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It’s Not Sexual Addiction: It’s the Brain- Genital Law or BGL

Increasingly, much of sex behavior is being mislabeled as sexual addiction. Lots of folks are buying into this misconception and are understandably very much concerned about themselves  and others for there are all types of sexual behavior going on, including those never before experienced, such as sexting or watching a porn movie on a computer […]

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