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The Power of Men’s Quest for Orgasms

Sex is like fire: It can warm up your home or burn it down  Sex is everywhere- more free than ever profoundly affecting every walk of life from conception to the graveyard or, increasingly, the crematorium. Chlamydia and pornography are now an integral and rapidly expanding part of our culture with no end in sight. […]

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Time to re-introduce and debate The Doctornaut Act in Congress

In previous posts I wrote about the unrecognized disastrous health policies that prevent the discovery of medical advances, including cures. Just ask yourself when the last cure was. As a result, millions of patients suffer when they shouldn’t, and die before they should. One critical reason for the absence of cures is due to the extreme […]

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Right and Wrong vs. Where to Draw the Line

Many have tried to characterize our current era with various labels. I would propose, “The Era of Rapidly Changing Lines”. Never before have social and legal lines been modified at such a rapid rate. For example, the line is shifting dramatically for freer sex as well as increasing government regulations, which have the opposite effect […]

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