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Acrobatic Women During The Sexual Act

In my study I have piles of publications on a variety of topics ranging from medicine and science to sex. The other day, I found a few dealing with the acrobatic acts of women during sex. All enthusiastically embraced the belief that such acts dramatically increase the mental and physical pleasures of female sex. Nothing […]

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Cunilingus versus G’s Muff-Diving

Like most things dealing with sex there’s not a great amount of instructive information on the act of cunilingus otherwise known as sucking cunt or twat, ‘going down on it’ and muff-diving. Sure there are videos on the Internet depicting the act even with cameras in the vagina filming the face and actions of the […]

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Can a Woman Learn to be a Lover? What does G have to say?

Though G made love to about 300 women, he claims that very few lady lovers really lighted up his candles on an artful, elevated level. I suggested that maybe it’s because he usually had marathon- intense type sessions paying almost exclusive attention to them, and they simply were too satiated and hapily exhausted to have […]

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