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The Critical Importance of Men and Women Faking Orgasms

G and I recently read an article about the classic, unforgettable faking-orgasm, dinner scene in the movie, When Harry Met Sally (1989), starring Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal. He thinks he’s a great lover but Ryan reminds him that women are expert at faking orgasms, and many could have faked them in order to please […]

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Nora Ephron: “Love, Loss and What I Wore” and What I Learned

It was a sunny day in March when my close, battle-scarred, divorced friend and colleague, Patricia Park, asked me, “Do you want to go to an off-Broadway show at the Westside Theatre by Nora Ephron and her sister, Delia, about women?” I instinctively replied, “You must be kidding.” Being a wise and patient woman she […]

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