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Old Italian Neighborhood Values Television Interview

Dr. Stephen DeFelice joined in a TV interview and discusses his first novel, “Old Italian Neighborhood Values.” Take a look at the video, and pick up the book through Authorhouse or Amazon.

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A Personal Note to Congressman Lance for A National Cure Policy

Dear Congressman Lance, I salute you for your support of MODDERN, the Modernizing Our Drug and Diagnostic and Regulatory Network Cures Act. I noticed the word “cures” is in the title. I’m sure you’re aware that our track record for finding cures for disease and disabilities is a pretty abysmal one. One major and puzzling […]

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Letter to the Pope: The Number Theory of the Human Signaler…

Watch the video introduction, then read the letter below: To make the video full screen, play the video then click the icon on the bottom right of the YouTube player. Click here to view a printable PDF version of the letter. To make the document full screen, click the icon on the bottom right of […]

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