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The Constitutionalization of the Supreme Court: A Proposal

The Supreme Court, unchallenged, has removed God from the public square and redefined marriage radically changing American social and religious values by highly questionable Constitutional interpretations. Because of the monumental impact of such decisions, we are entitled, nay, obligated to ask what’s going on with the nine justices. For example, let’s take Justice Kennedy, a […]

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Polygamous Marriage – Very Common, But Illegal in the U.S. : Homosexual Marriage – Very Rare, But Legal In Most of the U.S. Why/What about the Future?

In my posts I’ll keep reiterating that the Brain Genital Law or BGL holds that all sexual acts are normal, amoral acts of nature. It also holds that all societies have regulated such acts in one way or another including heterosexuality and homosexuality. Historically, homosexual marriage is a very rare union rejected by virtually all […]

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