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The Vagina Whisperer by Endorfina

“Yoni” is the ancient Hindu Sansrit word for vagina. I have always loved the verb “to whisper”, especially when spoken in French and Italian. The word in French is “chuchoter” (shoe-show- tay) and in Italian “susurrare” (sue-sue- rar-a). Both pronunciations truly are sexy whispers in themselves. The modern use of the word whisperer, however, does […]

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Sex with Women Under and On Water

  G and I were having drinks in Philadelphia at the home of a highly spirited, delightful, wealthy dowager and old friend who’s in her early 80’s. She had just finished reading the Casanova book and criticized us for just mentioning G’s experience with women under water and not on it. In the book, except […]

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G and The Big Sur Taoist Gal – Chapter from The Man Who Made Love to More Women Than Casanova

Poor Guy! Sacrificing His Yang for Her Yin! “LORENZO, I JUST REMEMBERED ANOTHER WEIRDO EPISODE! “It happened at Big Sur in California, where I gave a talk on my work. After the talk, I was approached by a very tall and attractive Eurasian lady who had lots of questions about my presentation. It was late […]

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